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Quickest way of supplying artwork for CD orders.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Not long to go to Christmas deadlines and as usual customers are asking what is the fastest turnaround time and the quickest way to supply artwork.

If your order is for disc only or disc in a plastic wallet then the artwork file should be small enough to supply by email. If you are supplying artwork for booklet and inlay print then the quickest way would be to upload to our “Hightail” dropbox. Simply drop us an email of your outline order with a request for the link. We will then email a link to our dropbox where your artwork can be uploaded.

For all replication or duplication orders of CD/DVD please remember to supply artwork to our required specifications for fastest turnaround. Artwork referrals will cause delays with processing your order. Artwork should always be supplied as PDF over our templates with the grid markings as the background layer, colour mode should be CMYK and please remember to incorporate a 3mm bleed on all trim edges.


CD duplication C1, C2 and CU disc errors

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Following on from our recent post on CD duplication errors this article looks at the different kinds of disc errors. There are 3 main types of disc error associated with CD audio. These are C1, C2 and CU errors, below is a description and explanation of each error type.

C1 errors are the lowest level bit errors and are usually measured as errors per second. This block error rate or (BLER) is an indication of the quality of the master disc. All masters contain some degree of C1 errors and an average is somewhere between 50 and 200 errors per second. In general the lower the BLER or C1 error rate the better the master is. Although the Philips red book specification allows for up to 220 errors per second most replication plants like to see error rates of below 50 per second.

C2 errors can be caused by poor master CD burning, poor mastering media and also scratches and scuffs to the disc. C2 errors are read errors and not always a physical defect of the disc. One CD player may read more C2 errors than another CD player attempting to read the same disc. Most C2 errors are correctable by the CD player’s error correction, basically this error correction method makes a guess at what values the missing data should be. A certain degree of C2 errors may be acceptable on a master without any audible artefacts, however many replication plants much prefer masters with C2 errors rates of zero.

CU errors are errors that cannot usually be corrected, these uncorrectable errors render a master disc useless and all replication plants will reject a disc that contains CU errors.
The most common uncorrectable error is reffered to as an E32 error and in essence can be thought of as a string of 3 or more C2 errors that cannot be corrected by the CD drives error correction system. Pressing plants mastering software systems such as Eclipse will automatically fail any disc that contains E32 errors.

CD Replication Digipak Templates

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

We have had numerous enquiries regarding Digipak templates this week. There are actually dozens of different templates for the ever popular digipak packaging format. The most basic digipak available is a 4 printed page with one clear tray, around 80% of customer’s digipak orders are for this option. The next most popular option seems to be a 4 printed panel digipak with a slit to accommodate standard CD booklets up to 32 pages. The slit is situated on the inside left panel of the digipak and can easily hold standard sized CD booklets from 4 page up to 32 page stapled. Designers and customers should be aware that a standard digipak and a digipak with booklet slit have very different templates for the artwork. The main difference is due to the horizontal fold during manufacture. With a standard digipak the cardboard fold is usually at the top of the printed product. With a digipak slit option the cardboard fold has to be at the bottom of the product to hold the booklet securely. Therefore the 2 different options have very different panel layouts on their respective templates. When making an enquiry regarding digipaks customers should explain their exact requirements so that our Repro department can forward the correct corresponding template. There are also many other options when printing digipacks from 4PP to 6PP to 8PP and above. If in doubt drop us an email for further advice.

CD duplication – create numerous copies of your data

Friday, July 17th, 2009

If you are planning to create and promote your own CD, you will essentially need a brilliant quality CD duplication service. Today, many people are not aware of the differing duplication techniques available. It is a process by which you can create numerous copies of your data using a device known as burner or writer. CD duplication is a cost effective process that will allow you creation of multiple copies of your data in a very short turnaround time.

Blank recordable compact discs are usually used in the duplication process. Using the burner device, data from master CD is copied into several other blank discs. It’s in recent years that CDs and DVDs have become the most preferred storage mediums. You can store variety of data like music, games, photos, movies, videos, important files and documents on both types of discs.

The data stored on both these variations of discs can be easily accessed using a computer. DVD and CD duplication services are ideal for creating small runs of discs in a very short time. Many people think that duplication and replication is the same, but it is not so. Although, both provide same results, they have completely different procedures. While CD duplication is ideal for small orders; CD replication requires a minimum number of units to be ordered. So, if you have any important data stored in your computer that you would like to have a backup of, CD and DVD duplication is the best option.

Fast Turnaround Duplicated Discs With Full Colour Thermal Gloss Printing

Friday, December 19th, 2008

cd duplication

Includes burning of data or audio and gloss colour Rimage Everest thermal print onto highest quality discs.


Hello world!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

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