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DVD duplication of electronic catalogues.

Friday, March 8th, 2013

There has been an ever increasing growth in business for DVD duplication of electronic catalogues. This business sector growth has been due to better understanding of what the DVD-R format can be used for. Also the increases in price of traditional litho printed brochures has turned companies towards the more cost effective solution of DVD brochures.

A duplicated DVD can hold data information up to 4.7GB in size so is easily capable of storing thousands of pages and high resolution photographs. For companies that have a large product range the DVD is a far more sensible format for distribution of catalogues. These DVD duplication catalogues can contain detailed information and high resolution photos of product ranges for the customer to view or even print relevant sections.

Most comprehensive electronic brochures are put together in PDF format but these PDF files can be far too large for email or internet download. The option to burn the PDF to DVD for postal distrbution is a no brainer for many UK companies who rely on direct marketing to new and existing business customers. This form of distribution is a perfect example of how DVD duplication can be used as a powerful marketing tool for business.

As some customers point out to us the DVD can also be considered environmentally friendly. The information able to be stored on a single DVD could take thousands of pages of colour print if produced by traditional print. Help save trees and consider DVD duplication as an alternative to print.

The Most Suitable Artwork For DVD Duplication

Monday, March 4th, 2013

So, you are ready to submit an order for discs but what is the most suitable artwork for DVD duplication?
Many customers ask how artwork should be supplied and in what particular file format or resolution.

This article should guide the customer through supplying most suitable artwork for DVD duplication. The main thing to remember is that the disc print can only ever be as good as the artwork supplied. If poor artwork is supplied then print results will inevitably be compromised. Please always take care to produce and supply artwork in as high quality format as possible.

File format should preferably be PDF, this is the most compatible file for artwork and printing requirements. One of the advantages of PDF is that customer fonts will be embedded into the file without the need to flatten or rasterise text layers. This method of embedding fonts to the files enables the text information to be output as vector giving better detailed print quality of text. This will ensure that any text printed to the DVD surface is as clear and defined as possible.

Resolution of images should always be at least 300 pixel per inch. Be sure that your design application is working at this resolution. Many applications default to 72 pixel per inch when creating a new document. 72 PPI is only suitable for computer graphics and web based artwork. DVD printing always requires 300 PPI or above.

Colour mode should always be CMYK if you require full colour print with your DVD duplication. Again please ensure your design application is working with a CMYK colourspace rather than RGB.

Following the above advice should result in the duplication being able to directly use customer artwork for printing. If the above specifications are not adhered to then the duplicator may have to refer artwork back to customer for amendments which will add extra leadtime to the order.

How do I Place a DVD duplication order.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Customers that have never undertaken a DVD copying project often ask How do I place a DVD duplication order? The simplest way is to consider the 3 main components required, for most DVD projects this consists of:

1, DVD master
2, DVD artwork
3, Purchase order or completed order form

The next question usually asked is how to deliver these components. For the vast majority of DVD duplication orders the master needs to be supplied as a physical DVD master in the post. This master should be burnt onto a high quality DVD-R disc at a low burn speed. Once the master has been prepared check that it performs as intended and plays back in the required devices. The duplicated discs will always be a true digital copy of the master. If the master does not perform correctly neither will the copies.

The second component is the artwork. If you are seeking just the DVD duplication with no packaging then the only artwork required is for the surface of the DVD. There is a choice of printing the disc full colour or in a greyscale format. Templates for preparation of the disc artwork are readily available from your chosen duplication company. Artwork is best supplied as a PDF file and can often be emailed or transferred using “yousendit”

The third component is the purchase order or a completed form that should include all delivery details, invoice address, contact telephone number and order specifications. Always state exact quantity required and the choice of print or packaging required. It is normal practice to send the order form together with the master in the post. Alternatively the order can be supplied together with artwork via email.

Reliable internet based DVD duplication services

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Reliability is a key issue when browsing the internet for DVD duplication services. There are hundreds of companies offering duplication of CD and DVD so how do you decide on what company to go with? For some end customers price may be the important factor but increasingly we find that reliability is a more important influence for business customers.

For most business customers paying a few pence more per disc for high end duplication makes common sense. If you are risking the reputation of your company then the most reliable DVD’s are imperative. Using companies that offer cheapest prices on budget discs can lead to disaster. Usually the price of a recordable DVD-R is governed by the quality of the manufacturing process. Cheap manufacturing yields a cheap disc that is probably fine for home office back up but higher quality DVD-R products mean a slightly more stringent manufacturing process and hence higher costs.

A recordable DVD is a very delicate piece of precision manufacture, for it to work reliably a clinical environment is essential. Basically the disc is a thin layer of photosensitive dye and reflective substance layered between 2 pieces of polycarbonate plastic. The slightest amount of dust or air pollutants can harm this sensitive dye layer so strict manufacturing procedures are essential.

Once you have produced the highest quality reliable DVD-R’s it is then also up to the duplication company to carry out the duplication process correctly. Some companies choose to burn discs at the highest speeds possible but this can result in record and read errors within the disc. A far more reliable method is to burn the disc at a lower speed or the speed recommended by the disc producer. The combination of highest quality DVD media and strict duplication methods will always result in the most reliable DVD duplication services available.

DVD Duplication Costs

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

So what are the exact costs associated with DVD duplication and print?

The main cost is always the blank DVD-R that is going to be used for the process. There are hundreds of different brands of recordable DVD available these days from the cheap supermarket self branded discs right up to the high quality manufacturers such as Sony and Verbatim. Some DVD duplication companies will just use the very cheapest media they are able to source in order to keep advertised prices of products as low as possible. These low prices can look attractive to the potential customer but beware, cheap prices usually means a cheap disc is being used and therefore a higher risk of disc errors.

The second most significant cost of DVD duplication is the print method to be used. Again, cheaper advertised prices will usually be due to cheap inferior print techniques such as black only inkjet print. Inkjet printing of discs can be useful in the home environment but for commercial duplicators results are usually poor with the risk of the print smudging. A far more preferred print method for low quantity orders is thermal print. Thermal printing can be black only or full colour transfer to the disc surface. This method gives a smudge proof gloss finish which looks very professional.

If you are seeking high quality duplication then the 2 main factors to consider are the type of disc being used and the printing method. A reputable duplicator will always use the highest quality discs available and a thermal process for the printing.

Low Volume DVD Duplication

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Many of our customers require low volume DVD duplication products at short notice. It is always good business to cater for the needs of the customer and therefore Testa-Rossa is able to provide orders from just 50 discs as quickly as 24 hours. Our short run orders are available with full colour print directly to the disc and burn capacity is up to 4.7GB of data or video.

The fastest way to place an order for a low volume order is to email disc artwork and provide delivery details. The order can then be processed with pro forma invoice and artwork proofs being emailed back the same day. If the master DVD is posted royal mail special delivery then as soon as it is received the order can go into production and usually despatch the same day.

DVD duplication in low volumes is very useful for advertising or marketing purposes where large files need to be distributed to prospective clients. A duplicated DVD can hold up to 4.7GB so posting out these promotional DVD’s is usually more preferable over trying to send large data files or videos electronically. In comparison an electronic internet transfer of a 4.7GB file could easily take 2 days to transfer depending on broadband speed.

The Physical DVD And CD Format

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

So, first HMV and now blockbuster, 2 huge companies entered into administration that were dependent on the traditional CD and DVD format. So what does the future hold for the physical DVD and CD format? Is there a future for mass CD and DVD replication.

Well, there will always be advantages of a physical format over a digital format. For many customers the look and feel of a physical disc in an attractive case with printed literature is always going to be preferable over a digital download. The fact that you can buy a CD album or DVD movie and keep it stored for life is a big advantage over endless digital files that can easily be deleted or lost due to a disc drive failure.

A massive positive for the physical format is when buying Birthday or Christmas gifts. Unwrapping your present to find a nice shiny case containing your favourite music artist or movie is irreplaceable. Giving a gift card for your favourite download site is never going to be quite the same as an actual CD or DVD. Downloads and streaming are obviously here to stay but surely there will always be a demand for the good old physical disc?

What are your personal thoughts on the future of CD and DVD?, leave us a reply.

Manchester DVD duplication services.

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Manchester based Testa-Rossa Studios Ltd offers a comprehensive range of DVD duplication services. Duplicated DVD discs are available from just 50 units and at very reasonable pricing. Discs are supplied with very high quality grayscale or full colour glossy print using the Rimage Everest method of thermal transfer.

DVD duplication prices with a range of packaging and print options can be found on the Manchester UK, Testa-Rossa website. DVD copies are produced using the highest quality Sony discs that have a white gloss printable surface and feature a silver underside. This recordable underside does have a slight magenta tinge to the silver which is characteristic of all recordable DVD-R media.

The use of premium Sony media for duplication ensures that maximum reliability and playback compatibility is achieved. Sony DVD duplication is the closest possible quality to fully glass mastered, replicated discs. Playback of these duplicated discs is identical to a replicated DVD however as a rule of thumb a replicated disc will always have a longer life span than a duplicated disc.

If you are seeking the highest possible quality of service for short run duplication of DVD the combination of Sony discs and Manchester based Testa-Rossa studios is a wise choice. There are many other companies across the UK offering cheaper DVD duplication services using inferior blank media. However for peace of mind and superior service level choosing Testa-Rossa and Sony is a no brainer.

DVD duplication for sporting events

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

DVD duplication can be a great tool when capturing great sporting moments on video.

Reached your local teams cup final?
Your club have just taken the British title?
Your son has just won his first bike race?

Capture these great sporting triumphs on video and then distribute between your club or team members by way of DVD duplication.

Once your video has been edited and a DVD master has been created it is nowadays very easy and cost effective to have that DVD master duplicated. Most duplication companies can produce copies for less than one pound per unit. This means all your club members or family can cherish their copy of that special sporting day on a DVD that will last a lifetime.

Why not go a step further and even make a small profit to put back into your sports club or team. With DVD duplication being readily available at less than £1 per unit your club could easily sell the duplicate copies at a very tidy profit. Duplication companies can even offer a full retail standard product with DVD library case and inlay so you could produce a retail standard DVD release of your clubs sporting achievements.

So, rather than just fond sporting memories you can produce DVD’s that capture the actual event and can be played back for years to come. Instead of a past sporting triumph story to tell your grandchildren in years to come you could play it them on an actual DVD.

CD and DVD Duplication for wedding memories.

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

For many couples it is the most important day of their lives, so why not capture that special day with the help of CD and DVD duplication services.

All weddings involve a wedding photographer and many now a videographer. Whether it be amateur camcorder footage or a more professional video or film company the end product can be duplicated to CD or DVD for distribution to guests and family.

Photographs can be compiled to a CD master as JPEG data or used to produce a slideshow presentation CD. Once a CD master has been burnt this master can be duplicated hundreds of times with addition of colour print to the disc surface. Simply choose your favourite wedding photo and use this for the CD on body print.

With video footage a DVD master can be prepared that can contain menus and other authoring. Again once this master has been successfully prepared DVD duplication services can be used to make further copies.

Once the CD or DVD copies have been produced they can be packaged to either a clear plastic wallet or a clear clam shell. This packaging will help protect your discs and precious memories for many years. For an even more special presentation DVD inlays could be printed, again using photographs from the wedding. The DVD inlays can be inserted to high DVD amaray style cases together with the duplicated disc.

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