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CD Replication In 4 Page Digipack

Friday, February 14th, 2014

One of our biggest growth products is the digipack and we are currently offering fantastic deals on CD replication in 4 Page digipack. The digipack can be relatively expensive for short run orders but at order quantities of 1000 and above this packaging option starts to be competitive with the traditional jewel case album.

Our digipacks are printed 4/0 CMYK colour onto high quality 270gsm card. The flat printed card is then assembled and glued with a choice of clear or black CD tray added.

Our basic 4 page digipack can accommodate a single CD tray but alternative 6 page or 8 page versions can accommodate 2 or 3 CD trays. This makes the digipack particularly useful for multi CD albums.

All our CD in digipack replication offers include glass mastering, factory pressed discs, all artwork set up, full colour CMYK offset litho print to disc and packaging, disc inserted to packaging and optional overwrap.

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CD Replication – Great Christmas Offers

Friday, December 6th, 2013

We are still offering some great Christmas offers on our CD replication packages. If you are considering releasing your album in the new year our Christmas offers could be perfect. We are still accepting orders for album manufacture for January delivery until Monday 23rd December.

Take advantage of our most popular 4 page booklet album package which we have discounted to just £449+vat for the festive period. Also for artists looking for more bespoke packaging we currently have our Digipack deals available from as little as £789+vat for 1000 units.

Whatever product you are looking for, Testa-Rossa offers unbeatable package deals for both CD duplication and CD replication with a great range of print and packaging options. Browse around our website or simply drop us an email and our experienced friendly sales staff will be happy to assist with your project.



CD Replication – Last minute Christmas Deals

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Need CD replication in time for Christmas? Testa-Rossa are still taking orders for pre-Christmas delivery of our CD and DVD replication orders. Please make sure all orders are submitted by Tuesday Dec 10th if you require delivery in time for Christmas.

We are also offering the below discounted offers until Tuesday 10th. Please aim to supply production parts by Monday 9th to allow for order processing and any possible required artwork amendments. Please quote TESXMAS500 to qualify for Christmas offer prices.

CD Album Replication With A 4 Printed Page Booklet:

300 units £399+vat

500 units £449+vat

1000 units £529+vat

CD Album Replication With A 8 Printed Page Booklet:

300 units £449+vat

500 units £499+vat

1000 units £589+vat

CD Album Replication In Printed Card Wallet:

300 units £349+vat

500 units £399+vat

1000 units £449+vat

For details on submitting orders please follow this link: Submitting Orders


CD Replication

Last Chance For Black Friday Fever Fifty Pounds Off CD Albums

Friday, November 29th, 2013

It’s Black Friday Fever and the last day to receive £50 off your CD album replication order of 500 copies. The discount can be applied to a 500 quantity order for the following:

  • CD album in jewel case with 4 printed page booklet and inlay
  • CD album in jewel case with 8PP booklet and inlay
  • As above with 16 page booklet
  • CD in 4PP digipack
  • CD in Card Wallet

Simply email your order of 500 units before 6PM today to take full advantage of this great offer.

All artwork templates and specifications are available on the Testa-Rossa website. For fast processing of orders we can accept submission of artwork and DDP filesets to our new “Hightail” dropbox link.

Any orders placed today will qualify for free pre-Christmas delivery.


£50 Off CD album replication 500 orders for Black Friday

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

That’s right £50 off any CD album replication order of 500 units. It seems everyone is getting involved with black Friday offers this year so we thought we would also jump on board.

If you are about to place an order for 500 albums then simply do this on Friday 29th and we will knock £50 of the advertised web price. We offer a fantastic range of retail standard album manufacture packages at very reasonable prices. Take advantage of the offer this Friday and still receive your manufactured order before Christmas.

2013-11-28 cd replication

6PP CD Digipack Order With Clear Tray

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

A nice change to see a 6PP digipack CD replication order come through repro today. Probably 90% of our digipack orders are 4PP so always refreshing to see the 6PP versions in manufacture.

We actually offer a wide variety of digipacks including 4 panel, 6 panel and 8 panel. Also there is a choice of 1, 2 or 3 CD trays depending on the exact configuration. The standard 4PP are relatively cost effective from 1000 units and upwards whereas the more bespoke configurations can be a little out of reach for most 1000 pressing budgets.

As with all our printed parts we can provide a computer to plate template for laying out your designs. The more bespoke digipack formats may look a little confusing at first glance but its a case of following the simple rules of providing a 3mm bleed and keeping text 3mmm away from trim edges. Todays order was quite rare in the fact it used a white background throughout the design so all images will appear framed with white when printed. A novel approach but should great when back from print and with the UV gloss finish.


Christmas deadlines for CD Replication update Nov 25th

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

If you are still considering placing an order of CD replication for pre-Christmas delivery then please note we are fast approaching the cut-off date. At present we are still achieving 10 working day leadtimes so work out what your required deadline delivery date is and then work back at least 10 working days. Don’t forget to add a couple of days contingency in case of any artwork or master specification referral issues.

If you require more information on specific order submission and deliver dates then please do give us a call on 01942 895414. Our team will assist you with your manufacturing schedules.


Christmas Order Deadlines And Leadtimes

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Our deadlines for replication orders have now passed however we are now taking orders for delivery 2nd week in January. Through the holidays our duplication orders are also still available as an express service. If you are concerned over delivery deadlines please drop us an email with your order and turnaround requirements.

Act now for Christmas CD manufacture deadlines.

Monday, November 4th, 2013

If you are looking to undertake a CD or DVD manufacture project in time for a Christmas deadline then you will need to act fast. November is the busiest time of the year for CD pressing plants when record labels demand high volumes of product for the Christmas market. Consequently many plants run beyond capacity in November and hence delays or extended leadtimes can be common for CD replication orders.

If you have strict Christmas deadlines then orders for CD or DVD replication should be placed at the begining of November or earlier. Due to high demand for CD and DVD on the run up to Christmas many companies experience a bottleneck effect trying to process new orders. This bottleneck at the processing stage together with risk of extended manufacture leadtimes can result in some orders taking around 3 weeks rather than the normal 2 weeks.

If you have no option but to cut things fine then make sure you have thoroughly checked over artwork specifications and masters before supplying the parts for processing. A simple artwork referral or read errors on a master can result in delayed processing and a manufacture deadline not being met. For artwork always check that you have supplied in CMYK colour and that all trim edges incorporate a 3mm bleed. Incorrect bleed is the biggest factor when having to refer artwork back to customers for re-supply.

When does CD replication become financially viable?

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

When planning your next CD album release and looking at the different manufacturing options consider this question, when does CD replication become financially viable?

Most artists and small labels understand that replication always gives the best quality results when seeking a full retail standard release. However replicated discs are normally only available from 500 units and above so for tight budgets sometimes out of reach. For orders of 1000 discs it becomes a no-brainer as at that quantity it is always cheaper to choose replicated CDs over duplicated CDs. So at what quantity does it start to become affordable or viable to choose replication?

Testa-Rossa offers pricing that gives a viable option for replication at around 300 and above discs, depending on packaging options and disc print. For instance if you are looking for 300 CD albums and only require very basic black text print on the CD then the duplication option could work out cheaper. However if you require full colour print onto the CD as well as the booklet and inlay then short run replication offers are going to work out slightly cheaper.

Another advantage of choosing short run replication is that many of our packaging options can be shrink-wrapped or over-wrapped unlike our duplication products. This over wrapping does help to give your album release that exact retail finish that you would expect when purchasing from high street music stores.

So really the answer to this post is “at 300 units and above” if you are seeking full retail quality.

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