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CD Duplication Packaging Options – Plastic Wallet

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

One of our popular packaging options for CD duplication is the clear plastic wallet with flap. Our wallets are high quality 150 micron and totally clear to allow the print on the disc to be visible. This packaging is a great low cost option and provides added protection to the print and record side of the disc.

For customers working to a tight finance budget the CD duplication in plastic wallet is the perfect solution. For most orders the plastic wallet works out between 5p and 6p per unit, this includes the disc being packed to the wallet. There is also an option for a 2 page colour booklet or a single page card inlay to be inserted into the plastic wallet. For short run orders the booklet or inlay can work out slightly cheaper than a printed card wallet option.


CD Duplication For Short Run Requirements

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

For short run CD duplication requirements Testa-Rossa can offer a range of disc only or disc with packaging solutions. When smaller volumes of CDs are needed short run is the perfect option. These orders are typically 25 to 250 units and can be turned around in very quick time especially for disc only with no packaging.

For disc only orders the production can be as fast as just a few hours. These duplicated CD’s can be printed with simple black text, high resolution grayscale or our fantastic quality full colour thermal. Black text gives the cheapest option and the full colour gives the highest presentation appearance.

If packaging is required the most popular product for low budget orders is a clear plastic wallet. This enables the on body print of the CD to be visible through the wallet so no need for any extra cost printed paper parts. Another similar option is a clear clam shell style case, again the disc print is visible through the plastic but the case is more solid than a plastic wallet so gives better protection of the disc.

Short run CD duplication is also useful for smaller runs of music albums, the most cost effective being a jewel case with a 4 page front booklet and a rear inlay. The case and paper print is the exact same high quality that we use on our top end replication work so your short runs will look as good as a high street music store CD albums.


What Is The Cheapest CD Duplication?

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

It’s an extremely popular telephone and email enquiry – “What is your cheapest CD Duplication?” The straightforward answer is that our Silver duplicated CD’s with black text print work out the cheapest.

Our cheap CD duplication option uses a high quality CD-R that has a shiny silver print surface and also a silver record surface that resembles a replicated disc. This is a great option for customers working to tight budgets but still requiring a high quality disc and print.

The print method used is black thermal text print using our Rimage Prism Plus printers. This method is ideal for bold black text and also suitable for black only logos. If you have a simple logo that works well in black this thermal printing option can produce great results at an affordable price.

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CD Duplication Availability Through Christmas Holidays

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Our fast turnaround CD duplication services are still available through the Christmas holidays but inevitably leadtimes may be extended by a few days. For customers who left it too late to place replication orders there is still a chance to receive duplicated CD or DVD discs through the festive period.

The quickest turnaround is on our duplication with black text thermal print. For this method we use shiny silver top CD-R with a silver underside that visually looks like a replicated disc. Most orders of duplicated CD or DVD can be turned around in 1-3 days dependent on quantities and any packaging requirements.

For orders of bulk supply discs the artwork files are generally small enough to send by email. This enables customers to place orders and artwork by email and receive extremely prompt processing of an order. In many situations we can actually start printing the discs the same day order is placed even if we are awaiting a master by post.

If you need a fast service through the holidays simply drop us an email or call 01942 895414. Our sales team will be happy to advise on the quickest leadtimes possible for your order.


CD replication November £50 discount.

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Still 1 week left to take advantage of our current CD replication discount. Get £50 off any web price order of 500 CD albums, simply use the code NOVREP500 when placing your order. Offer is valid on 4PP, 8PP and 12PP albums, also card wallets.

Any orders placed last week of November using the offer will be delivered before Christmas. This offer is exclusive to our facebook, google+ and twitter followers. Please share this post with any friends who may wish to take advantage of the offer.


CD Duplication Christmas Orders Update Nov 22nd

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Not long to go now to our Christmas orders deadline for CD duplication and replication. We are still working to a 10 day manufacturing schedule for replication orders and just a few days for short run duplication orders. Just about time to submit CD manufacturing orders and receive delivery before Christmas.

Best methods of supplying masters for duplication

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Here is some useful advice on the best method of supplying masters for duplication or replication orders. The two main formats of optical disc are CD and DVD and there are various methods of supplying masters for manufacture.

In this article lets consider CD, the most common use of this format is for audio, usually in the form of an album release. Traditionally the most common method of master supply is a CD-R master or PMCD. This master should be prepared very carefully so that errors are not present within the master. The most common errors are usually the result of cheap media being used or burning the audio too fast. A simple rule is to purchase the best quality audio specific media available and to then burn at a low speed, most burning applications allow the record speed to be adjusted. This pyhsical master is certainly still a suitable method of supplying content for manufacture.

An alternative way to supply a master for replication is a DDP fieleset, this method is becoming more popular due to the ability to transfer the files electronically via the internet. A DDP fileset can be output from professional mastering applications directly to your hard drive. This direct output will bypass the need to burn a PMCD so also negates some of the potential errors that can be introduced. Most manufacturers and pressing plants will accept a DDP fileset via the internet as long as it contains a checksum. This checksum is essential to validate the successful transfer of data and that no loss or corruption has occurred. This electronic method of supplying a master is a also a suitable option and if carried out correctly there is less chance of errors.

Digipack packaging for CD Duplication and Replication

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Digipack style card packaging is a modern alternative to the traditional jewel case when you are looking for CD duplication or replication of your latest CD album. The most common format for a digipack is 4 printed pages with a single clear plastic tray to house the CD. Other variations include a 6 printed page or 8 printed page with up to 3 clear or black trays.

Many artists and record labels now prefer the digipack for an album release due to its modern stylish looks. On larger volume manufacturing orders this packaging can be comparable in costs to the jewel case however smaller volumes of 1000 and less are still relatively expensive. Short run orders are high in price due to the high set up costs for printing and assembly of digipacks, for larger volumes these high upfront costs are more absorbed into the final price making the unit price much more affordable.

Designing artwork for digipacks is slightly more complicated than the average CD booklet but most manufacturers or pressing plants are able to provide a computer to plate template with all the exact dimensions, bleeds and specifications. As with most forms of flat paper and card print a bleed of 3mmm is essential during the artwork design. This bleed is required due to tolerances involved when cutting the final printed sheets into the individual pieces of card used to make the digipack. Once cut down to size the card is folded and glued and then the CD tray added to form the final stunning packaging.

CD Duplication for Christmas Projects

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

It’s that time of year to consider CD duplication for Christmas projects. A popular use is for duplication of school Christmas CD’s. Many schools arrange concerts on the run up to the festive period and a great way to capture these performances is to record the audio and create a master.

Most schools now have music technology departments and therefore have the facilities to make great recordings of these school performances. The recordings can be edited and treated to produce a final production ready CD master. A collaboration with the schools graphic design department can then put together the required artwork for the CD booklet and inlays.

Once the CD master and artwork are ready these production parts can be sent off to a duplication company for the manufacture of the Christmas CD albums. For smaller schools an order of up to 300 units can be achieved by short run CD duplication. Alternatively for orders of 300 and above the replication process may be more suitable and cost effective.

It is always wise to leave enough time for the manufacture process of the albums. Duplication with booklets and inlays can usually be achieved in around 7 days whereas replication requires at least 10 working days. If the albums are required a couple of weeks prior to Christmas it makes sense to have production parts ready by the end of November. The final CD albums make a great Christmas gift for friends and families.

Highest Quality CD Duplication machinery

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

At Testa-Rossa we only ever use the highest quality CD duplication machinery for all our orders. Duplicated discs can be as good as a replicated pressed disc as long as the highest quality machines and procedures are used. Our duplication equipment includes machines made by R-quest, MF digital and Rimage, these manufacturers produce some of the highest quality duplicators available.

Our cheapest form of CD duplication is carried out on our MF digital machines, these discs are printed using a Rimage Prism plus printer which is capable of printing black text and logos to a silver CD-R. Our MF digital duplicators can verify each disc but are not capable of burning CD text. If CD text is present on the supplied master we use our higher specification R-quest duplicators which copy any CD text information from the master to the duplicates.

For all CD duplication orders we offer very high quality digital colour print by means of a thermal transfer method. Riamge are known worldwide for manufacturing the best thermal colour printers in the business. At Testa-Rossa we have several Rimage Everest auto printers which produce colour thermal print direct to disc. This print is high gloss in appearance and is highly scratch or water resistant.

There are CD duplication companies out there that can offer slightly cheaper pricing than Testa-Rossa but it may be questionable what equipment and print techniques are being used for orders. If as a customer you have any doubts abot your duplication order then always ask the company what machines and method of print they use.

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