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Speedy turnaround times for CD duplication

Monday, March 29th, 2010

One of the most common enquiries we receive is the request on turnaround times for CD duplication. Duplication can actually be achieved very quickly, around 1 hour for 100 discs. The discs also have to be printed and timescale depends on type of print required. For simple black text print 100 discs can be printed in around 20 mins whereas full colour CD printing can take around 2 hours.

The overall leadtime for CD duplication is critical on how customers submit their orders and artwork. If we receive a package that contains all the relevant information together with print ready disc artwork and suitable production master then we can usually process the order within a few hours. As soon as we have processed the order we will email PDF proofs and a pro forma invoice. If the customer then approves artwork and makes prompt payment it is usual that production can actually proceed the same day that the order is received.

For speedy processing and fastest turnaround of CD and DVD duplication orders always supply the following:

Suitable CD artwork
Suitable production ready PMCD master
Order form or purchase order.
CD duplication order title.
Delivery address.
Telephone number.
Email address.
Catalogue number.

The main issue that delays us processing orders is unsuitable artwork. For over 50% of received orders we will have to reject CD and paper parts artwork and ask customer to re-supply. Another factor that slows down processing of orders is lack of order and specification information. Many customers supply discs with no title or catalogue number and no delivery details. This results in us having to chase the customer for sufficient information before we can even enter the order on our system.

Save Valuable Time With CD Duplication

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

OK, so you have a couple of hundred clients or company staff that you need to get large data documents to fast. Solution, burn the data to CD and send out in the post, sounds a great idea. However burning the discs on the office PC could potentially take a couple of days. Save valuable time with CD Duplication services from a professional duplicator.

Most CD duplication companies can duplicate a couple of hundred discs in just a few hours together with fantastic quality on body disc print. The prices charged by most duplication companies are often far less than the cost of burning and printing your own discs at home or in the office. So make the sensible choice and have a company such as Testa-Rossa produce the discs for you, thus saving time and money.

On certain products Testa-Rossa offer 24 hour turnaround so the discs can be with you or your customer by the next working day. Simply post out your master disc and artwork, preferably Special Delivery and for orders received before 9AM it is often possible to produced the duplicated discs and despatch on the same day.

For fastest turnaround times we recommend CD duplication in a plastic wallet or clear clam shell. This means that your disc artwork and information are visible through the clear packaging which eliminates the need for any printed paper or card inlays. Again saving money and reducing leadtimes.

Quality Comparisons Of CD Duplication

Friday, February 19th, 2010

When comparing quotes and pricing for CD Duplication also be certain to compare the quality of the CD duplication service. Many companies advertising cheap prices do so due to the fact they use cheap discs and cheap print methods which most of the time results in a poor quality end product. Like anything these days if you pay a cheaper price you usually get a lower quality service.

If you are looking for a reliable CD duplication company then odds are that a reliable company won’t be the cheapest. One thing to investigate is the type of disc the duplication company is using. Many companies use unbranded discs which do not meet Philips specifications and some even use discs that are technically illegal because the manufacturer has not paid the license to Philips. At Testa-Rossa all our colour print and duplication is on the highest quality Sony discs manufactured by Sony DADC, market leader in CD-R and DVD-R media. Sony discs have very high technical qualities and meet all Philips standards or “book” specifications.

Sony manufacture inkjet and Everest printable discs but by far the Everest discs give superior print results. Everest thermal transfer print technology delivers a very high standard full colour or greyscale gloss print which is highly durable, scratch and moisture resistant. If you find a company offering Sony discs for duplication together with Everest thermal print then rest assured you will receive the highest standard of short run disc duplication on the market. You may pay a slight premium for this high quality service but this premium gives complete peace of mind with your project.

CD replication – Highly beneficial when used intelligently

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

CD replication is the preferred method of creating new CDs that can be used for formal and professional purposes.

CD replication is the process of creating new CDs where unique individual CDs are manufactured. The CDs created through the process of CD replication are of excellent quality which is almost as good as that of original CDs. CD replication is highly economical and fast. Thus, CD replication is perfect for use in a number of business sectors.

Since CD replication is so beneficial, many companies use CD replication for creating new CDs which can be used for sharing information and presentations with clients and business collaborators. Some companies also use CD replication for creating new CDs that are used in the orientation program of new employees.

Professional CD replication service providers also offer CD packaging services. Thus, the companies can get hold of nicely packaged CDs which can be used for promotional and marketing purposes too. CD replication is also used for creating new CDs that can be given as free gifts along with several products for boosting sales.

CD replication is also used in academic institutions where researchers require new CDs to share their research results with colleagues and students. So, use CD replication for your application and enjoy its advantages at an economical price.

The right DVD duplication service for a host of different needs

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Getting a professional DVD service for your copying needs could be the best decision you make. Getting professional DVD service to do the job means that you will never have to worry about the quality of the DVD produced or the clarity of the data. Most people fail to do extensive research on the various DVD duplications services available before making the right decision. It is extremely important to do a complete and comprehensive survey of the kind of services out there before making a decision as to which DVD duplication service is perfect for you.

One of the first things to do is to demand a brochure from every potential DVD duplication service you wish to use. This will give them a hint about how serious you are when choosing a DVD duplication service. Once this is done, you should do a comparison of the various facilities and amenities listed in the brochure before making a decision. This will give you a clear idea about what is out there when it comes to DVD duplication services.

The points mentioned above will definitely give you a better idea about which is the best service for you. A DVD duplication service should offer you the best sound, picture and data retention.

CD duplication will help you to create good quality CDs

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

CD duplication is the procedure in which CDs are duplicated and the contents from a computer or other data-source are backed-up. The CD duplication process is used when small quantity of copies is required. If the number of copies is up to 500 or less, then duplication is an ideal choice for you. The quality of the duplicated CDs is high and even the sound is as good as the original version.

The advantages of CD duplication
• The process of CD duplication is not as expensive as the process of CD replication.
• This process is suitable when the quantity demand is low.
• With CD duplication, the results are great and you can eliminate extra cost.
• The process of duplicating CDs is much faster than the process of replicating.

This process is very popular in producing a small number of CDs. It helps you to minimise expenses and you can check a sample CD before the actual duplication begins. In the UK, you can also get other services from your duplication provider. These services vary from high resolution inkjet printing to thermal printing.

One of the most important features is that it is very cheap in comparison to replication and it also provides high quality copies. Thus, if you want small quantities and good quality CDs, then the process of duplication is perfect for you.

CD duplication and mastering services can give work an air of professionalism

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

CD duplication and mastering are not exactly new concepts. They have both existed independent of each other and are used by many people across the world. When it comes to CD duplication, our first and foremost misconception is that it is a gross over exaggeration of the humble CD burning process on our computers.

To harbour such a doubt about the CD duplication process would be wrong, as CD duplication is a whole lot more than just CD burning. Many people wonder why they should consider CD duplication processes when they can have the same number of CDs burnt on their computers.

In this case, here are a few things you should know about CD duplication and the ways you can benefit from it:

– CD duplication allows you to burn a larger number of CDs in a short period of time, with a minimum number of faulty or corrupt CDs
– CD duplication can ensure that the CDs handled are collated, arranged and even packaged in a professional manner. This ensures a reduced chance of CD corruption
– CD duplication services use mastering techniques which can be used to create a number of effects on your piece of work giving it an enhanced feel.

So the next time that you think of CD duplication, the best solution for a hassle-free professional and time efficient method to duplicate CDs could be a good CD duplication service.

CD replication is ideal for large orders

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

CDs are one of the widely used media tools for data storage and distribution purposes. They are easy to access and as the majority of computers today have CD drives they are probably the best devices for sharing information. CDs are presently compared to the earlier printed media. Today, everything from movies to music is available on CDs and DVDs, and with the reduction of the cost of blank CDs, CD duplication and CD replication services have gained a lot of popularity.

People often get confused between the CD replication and CD duplication techniques. Though both the duplication and replication techniques copy the data from one disc to another, they involve different processes. CD replication is different and it is a more sophisticated process compared to CD duplication. It uses a process called injection moulding that utilises ‘stampers’ for creating discs, whereas the CD duplication process involves the plain burning of new discs.

CD replication is a superior process compared to the CD duplication processes. Although both processes entail the burning of data onto discs, in the case of replication, not only the data but the overall physical appearance of the disc is copied. For instance, if a music company wants to create mass copies of their recent release, they need to initially create a high-quality master disc. This master disc is then sent to the CD replication company for creating numerous copies. While CD replication is ideal for companies that wish to create more than 500 copies of their data, CD duplication is best for creating less than 500 copies.

The importance of CD duplication companies to businesses

Monday, August 31st, 2009

If providing company and product information to customers was ever a problem before, it definitely is not one today. This is because companies have found a wonderful way to provide this information to customers and even employees with no trouble at all. CDs have become popular storage devices because of their storage capacity and portability.

But since companies often require thousands of the same CD copy, they also require a special service to help them provide customers with this information. This is where the services of CD duplication companies come into play.

Why do businesses use CD duplication companies?

CD duplication companies offer duplicating services that help to make several copies of one CD. Of course anyone would think that this is something that could easily be done at home. It can, although it would take a very long time and companies cannot really afford to take that long to inform customers about developments as they happen. CD duplication companies on the other hand, can duplicate hundreds to thousands of CDs within a very short time.

A quick turnaround, however, is not all that these CD duplication companies provide customers with. Quality is one of the most important requirements when dealing with customers. For this reason, companies prefer to use professional CD duplication services because they offer high quality CD copies. This ensures customers that they are dealing with professional and reliable companies.

One of the best things about professional CD duplication companies is that they are quite affordable and this is another reason companies opt for their services.

Is CD replication better than duplication?

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

With advances in technology, it has become very easy to duplicate or replicate a CD/DVD. If you are a business owner and need to make CDs or DVDs to give to your customers or the clients, then the replication and duplication method will help you.


Duplication is a process in which the burning takes place on a blank CD or DVD using automated machines. The artwork or the paper label is printed on the surface of the CD or DVD. It is the same as CD burning or DVD burning.


It means that the disc will be pressed from the glass master and the artwork is printed directly on the surface of the CD or DVD. The information is then pressed and embedded on to the disc. It takes more time because the process is longer.

If you have the time and you need more than 500 copies, then the process of replication is the best choice. If you want less number of copies, then CD duplication is the best option.

The quality of duplication and replication differs. Some people say that the quality of replication is much better, if compared to the quality provided by duplication. There is ongoing debate about the quality of the disc and some even say that the quality is the same.

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