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Short run CD duplication

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

For speedy copying of discs our short run CD duplication services are the ideal solution. Short runs of 50 to 500 discs can be achieved in just 1 day. This service is available for both CD and DVD and is perfect when the fastest leadtimes are required. Achieving customers tight deadlines is our speciality and short run CD/DVD duplication certainly makes sure almost all these deadlines can usually be met.

Short runs of duplicated CD’s can be achieved quickly using our automated duplication machines with built in multiple CD burners. Digital information including audio, video or general data can be burnt to these multiple drives in a very similar way to how you burn a disc on your home PC or laptop. Due to the multiple writers and robotics of our duplication machinery high output of discs is possible in very little time.

There is virtually no set up time involved for these duplicated discs. As long as the customer supplies an error free CD or DVD master then that disc is fed into our machines, archived and then the required amount of copies are burnt. Very simple but very fast and efficient with a run of 50 discs being possible in just 1 hour.

Artwork set up is also very quick if customers supply the disc artwork to our required specifications. All artwork requirements can be found on the Testa-Rossa website. If we receive the CD/DVD artwork as a print ready PDF then again this file can be fed directly to our CD thermal printers and the discs printed very quickly. Our top of the range digital thermal printers are also automated with robotics and require very little human assistance in the print process.

So when looking for a professionally duplicated and printed disc the short run services Testa-Rossa offer are certainly the best available in the UK. As a bonus we also offer lowest prices and the fastest leadtimes possible for these required short runs.

Disc Replication For Media Companies.

Monday, October 17th, 2011

All media companies and business’s will require either the replication of CD or DVD discs at some point. Most media companies have the facilities to create masters on a CD-R or DVD-R but very few have in-house facilities to copy these masters by way of duplication or replication.

Most media companies will therefore seek the professional services of a disc duplicator, broker or pressing plant. If the number of copies is relatively low, less than 400 discs, then a local duplicator can usually be sourced. However if the amount of discs exceeds 400 then a replication broker or pressing plant is usually the way forward.

Companies requiring regular large volumes of disc replication will usually have a direct business relationship with a pressing plant. For companies that only require glass mastering and disc pressing a few times a year a broker is usually more preferable. CD and DVD brokers usually have trade accounts with many worldwide pressing plants enabling them to source the best prices and leadtimes for their customers.

Some pressing plants specialise more in CD than DVD or vice versa. This results in quite a large variation in pricing and turnaround times. The broker can use their knowledge of the business to act on behalf of its media company customer to obtain the best possible manufacturing deals. In most cases this actually results in lower costs to the customer than dealing direct with a pressing plant.

Online CD duplication low prices.

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

All our CD duplication prices are available online at our Testa-Rossa website. Our UK low prices start from just £47 for 50 CD’s duplicated and printed. CD and DVD duplication with full colour gloss print prices start from as little as £60 for 50 copies. Have a browse through the website and we are sure you will find all required details on low pricing and how to submit an order.

For the quality of service Testa-Rossa provide we believe our prices are the lowest in the UK for CD and DVD duplication as well as CD or DVD replication. Cheap duplication services using cheap discs are offered by other companies but at Testa-Rossa we offer very high quality discs with outstanding quality print at very low UK pricing.

One of our lowest price replication offers is the glass mastering and pressing of CD or DVD with full colour print supplied on spindles. This cost effective solution provides the customer with high quality factory pressed discs at a very cheap price. Our customers can then choose to package the discs themselves and save some money on packaging charges.

If you are looking to keep prices as low as possible but still need the discs supplying in some form of packaging then we would recommend the simple clear plastic wallet. Your CD’s or DVD’s will be delivered already pre-packed into these clear plastic sleeves and ready for distribution.

DVD duplication for sporting events

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

DVD duplication can be a great tool when capturing great sporting moments on video.

Reached your local teams cup final?
Your club have just taken the British title?
Your son has just won his first bike race?

Capture these great sporting triumphs on video and then distribute between your club or team members by way of DVD duplication.

Once your video has been edited and a DVD master has been created it is nowadays very easy and cost effective to have that DVD master duplicated. Most duplication companies can produce copies for less than one pound per unit. This means all your club members or family can cherish their copy of that special sporting day on a DVD that will last a lifetime.

Why not go a step further and even make a small profit to put back into your sports club or team. With DVD duplication being readily available at less than £1 per unit your club could easily sell the duplicate copies at a very tidy profit. Duplication companies can even offer a full retail standard product with DVD library case and inlay so you could produce a retail standard DVD release of your clubs sporting achievements.

So, rather than just fond sporting memories you can produce DVD’s that capture the actual event and can be played back for years to come. Instead of a past sporting triumph story to tell your grandchildren in years to come you could play it them on an actual DVD.

Approval of PDF’s for CD Duplication

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

It is essential that we receive approval of all artwork PDF files prior to CD duplication production or manufacture. Once we have processed a customer’s artwork we will always email the final PDF that has been prepared for print. This is the actual PDF file that will directly be used for printing so it is important that the customers checks all aspects of the file before giving email approval.

Elements to check for include:

• Text spelling and punctuation
• Correct fonts
• Alignment of artwork
• Page numbers
• Colours
• Overprint settings

Also, especially when approving multi page booklets be sure to scroll through all pages of the PDF. We often receive emails from customers who think there are pages missing from their artwork when it is just a simple mistake of not correctly scrolling through the pages of the PDF file.

When giving approval of any PDF’s for booklet, inlay, CD or DVD printing it is important to understand that a PDF viewed on a RGB computer monitor can never be an exact colour match for the final printed matter. The main reason for this is that computer monitors use a RGB colour system whereas commercial print is a CMYK colour process.

For critical colour proofing of artwork we can obtain colour calibrated hard copy proofs from our print suppliers. These colour proofs provide the great colour accuracy between proof and final print.

DVD Duplication For Increased Disc Capacity

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

When you need a large amount of data storage on a disc DVD duplication can offer up to 4.7gb capacity. In comparison a CD-R will only allow for capacities of up to 700mb, so a DVD-R can actually hold almost 7 times more data than a CD. This can be very useful if you are archiving information or creating backups of computer data storage. A single DVD-R replaces the need for 7 CD-R’s so can take up a lot less space in your archive libraries.

DVD duplication can be used for a wide variety of storage purposes, video is one of the main uses but any other form of digital information can be burnt to DVD-R. Large photo libraries, hard drive back ups, media presentations and corporate marketing documents are all examples of information than can be stored on a DVD.

For successful DVD duplication you will need to supply an error free master DVD-R. All duplicated copies will be identical bit for bit clones of the master disc. If there are any disc errors contained within the master then these errors will also be duplicated to all the DVD copies. Always take the greatest care when preparing a master, use the highest quality media and burn the master at as low a speed as your burner will allow. Also, be sure to use a DVD-R write once disc, please do not use a re-writable DVD-RW disc. The dyes used in a DVD-RW are a lot more volatile and disc errors are more common with a re-writable disc. The majority of DVD duplicators will not accept a DVD-RW as a production master.

CD Duplication Questions And Answers – Best Format For EP Release?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

We are looking to release an E.P. of our band, what is the best CD duplication and packaging format? We are looking at an order of 500 copies and already have artwork and CD master. We need to keep CD duplication costs to a minimum.

There are several suitable products for an E.P. release, if you are looking at 500 units we would certainly recommend CD replication rather than replication. Below are the 3 most suitable products:

CD replication In A Printed Cardboard Wallet – This style of product is what you would find as a free giveaway with your Sunday newspaper. The CD is inserted into the printed card wallet and there is an option for cellophane overwrap. This is the most cost effective solution for an E.P. and is suitable for retail. You can find this product as a budget E.P. release in shops such as HMV.

CD replication in Jewel Case with 4PP colour booklet and inlay – This is the standard format for CD album releases but is also commonly used for single or EP releases. CD’s come packed in a standard sized jewel case with choice of clear or black tray. A 4 printed page booklet is inserted to the front of case and a rear inlay sits behind the tray. Rear inlay can be printed one sided for use with black tray or rear inlay printed 2 sides for use with clear tray.

CD replication in a Maxi Single Case with j-card style maxi single inlay – Traditionally this is the format used for EP and UK chart single releases although over the last few years this format seems to have been in decline. Since the likes of Asda and Woolworths stopped stocking CD singles the demand for maxi single manufacture has decreased and manufacture costs have increased. A maxi single is now slightly more expensive than a standard 4PP jewel case product but if you want the industry standard E.P. release then this is a suitable option.

CD Pressing And Replication Services

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Over the last 25 years CD pressing and replication has become an enormous worldwide industry. The humble CD began life as just a media format for music album releases but has grown into the biggest and most successful method of physical data distribution. Other formats such as DVD and blu-ray disc have also developed from the original optical disc technology.

Despite progress of on-line distribution of music, video and data the CD and DVD is still the first choice by media companies. Pressing of CD and DVD is still a relatively cheap process and pressing plants can be found throughout the world. At Testa-Rossa, even though we are a Manchester based company we work with many of these worldwide pressing plants to ensure we offer our customers the best prices and highest quality replication services. With today’s express freight and courier companies we can often source fastest turnaround CD replication from the other side of the globe than here in the UK.

Some of the most modern CD replication and pressing plants are situated in the Far East and especially Taiwan. Just a few years ago many UK based customers would regard products from Taiwan as cheap or inferior products. Today that is certainly not the case and in our experience the Taiwan plants are more modern with brand new production lines and a level of service unrivalled by UK plants. So rest assured when you order your CD or DVD replication through Testa-Rossa you will be receiving the highest quality discs available in the current market.

UK Based CD Duplication

Monday, November 8th, 2010

When looking for a CD duplication company who offer a fast and reliable service it is worth checking that their production is UK based. Some CD duplication companies may offer very cheap prices but this usually down to the production being based overseas and inevitably this usually means longer leadtimes. At Testa-Rossa all of our short run duplication for both CD and DVD is in-house and produced in the UK.

At Testa-Rossa we believe that our duplication services are probably the fastest available in the UK. For most orders we can yield a run of up to 500 discs in just a 24 hour period. Also because the CD production is UK based then our deliveries are next day by reputable courier companies including DPD and UPS. For urgent orders this combination of fast turnaround duplication and next day express courier means customers can receive fully duplicated and printed discs just 48 hours from their initial order.

If you are looking for fastest production times then give us a call or check through the website for further details. Testa-Rossa also offer complete fulfilment services including paper printed booklet and inlays which can be packed our range of high quality jewel cases, DVD cases, Clam Shells and card wallets.

CD Duplication For Promotional Pre Release

Friday, November 5th, 2010

One of the most effective ways of promoting a music release is by using CD duplication. Most record companies will send mail outs of a promotional CD 4-5 weeks before the release date. These promotional CD’s will be mailed to radio stations, club DJ’s, other larger record labels and pluggers. The fastest way to produce these promotional discs is by seeking the services of a CD duplication company such as Testa-Rossa.

A typical record company promotional mail out would be anywhere between 100 and 500 copies of the pre release CD. For these pre release mailouts timing is usually very important so duplication offers a more speedy turnaround for critical deadlines. Using the CD duplication method of production up to 500 discs can be burnt and printed in 24 hours. For mailouts customers would usually choose CD with simple black text print or CD with black text print in plastic wallet with a black and white printed card insert. Testa-Rossa offers a simple cost effective service for both of these products.

The CD duplication process can also add ISRC codes to all the disc copies. ISRC can be important even for pre release as it is the main method used to track airplay royalties. Before the actual release of a CD or record the songs may receive extensive airplay on radio and TV so it is important that these airplay royalties are generated and logged correctly. As long as the master provided has the ISRC codes embedded then all the duplicated discs will also contain these codes.

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