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CD duplication master errors

Friday, April 16th, 2010

For most CD duplication orders we are able to use the direct master supplied by the customer. As long as the customer has prepared the master correctly our CD duplication machines will accept the master and make identical copies of the master provided.

However we often receive CD masters that are not suitable for CD duplication.

Common CD duplication master errors include:

• Master has been burnt in .wav or .mp3 format and not as an audio master
• Master has been burnt onto cheap unbranded CD media
• Master has been burnt to a re-writable CDRW
• Underside of master CD is scuffed and scratched
• Master has been provided on a DVD-R or DVD-RW
• Master has been burnt at too high of a speed
• Master has been burnt as multisession
• Session has not been closed or CD finalised
• Software has not written to correct Philips “book” specification

We can often detect most errors on a supplied CD master and request a replacement master from the customer. Alternatively we can rip the audio from the master and prepare a new production master to red book specification.

Occasionally a customer can supply a master which they have checked by listening and all sounds fine. Even though a master sounds as if it plays back without audible errors there can still be errors on the master. Most CD players use error correction to correct these small disc errors however these small disc errors can in effect be magnified by the duplication process to a degree where error correction is not effective and audible artefacts are present on the duplicated copies.

In our next article we look at the various types of CD disc errors in more detail and explain how to reduce the risk of these errors.

CD Duplication Artwork Copyright

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Here is the third article relating to CD duplication copyright issues. In the first two articles we covered the intellectual property and sound recording copyright issues. For most CD duplication UK orders there is usually a third copyright factor you will need to consider. This is the artwork copyright.

If you are having your album duplicated or replicated and you have designed all parts of artwork yourself then you have the right to copy this artwork onto your CD album booklets and inlays. In this instance you are the artwork copyright owner.

If parts of your artwork are not original and you have used artwork libraries such as istockphoto you are not the sole copyright owner of the artwork and you must seek copyright permissions from all copyright owners. With libraries such as istockphoto there are usually various purchase options dependent on what you are using the library artwork for. For commercial use you will need to make sure you select the correct option and payment which in effect provides you with a “license” or permission to make copies or print the artwork for commercial purposes such as CD sales.

If your CD duplication order involves the licensing of sound recordings from 3rd party record labels you should also check whether you have the rights to use the record labels logo and the corresponding artwork for the track. Many licensing arrangements with record labels will include the necessary permission to “copy” or print the artwork but you should always check your licensing agreement or contract.

So we have now covered the 3 main copyrights required to manufacture your album by means of duplication or replication. Always be certain that you have the required IPR, sound recording and artwork copyright permissions in place before proceeding with CD manufacture.

Errors with CD Duplication

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

It is extremely rare that we ever experience any errors from the CD duplication process. Occasionally we do get customers that bring to our attention slight playback errors on their duplicated discs. On further investigation this is usually due to errors that were contained within the CD master the customer supplied and not actually due to errors in the CD duplication

So, the essential thing to remember is that a duplicated CD or DVD can only ever be as error free as the master used. If there are errors on the master then in most cases these errors are also copied to the duplicated discs. To reduce the risk of playback errors you should always master and burn a disc to Philips red book specification. Also using a high quality disc and burning at low speeds is good advice to achieve a master with the least possible errors. It is also good practice to ensure the underside of the disc is not damaged, scratched or marked. Even greasy fingerprints can sometimes cause read errors.

Most CD players have built in error correction which means that sometimes a master disc may play perfectly fine on a CD player even though it contains errors. Most duplication equipment will ignore certain correctable errors but with CD replication the master needs to be pristine. The glass mastering process will not tolerate any digital read errors at all, so even though a CD master may play acceptably on your hi fi there is still a chance your master will be rejected during the glass mastering stage. Any errors are usually identified by an Eclipse report prior to the glass mastering stage.

DVD duplication services to duplicate your data

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The use of CDs and DVDs has proven to be a cost-effective solution for plenty of companies to exchange their data. This is the reason why CDs and DVDs are presently gaining a lot of popularity. When companies need to share or exchange their data with others, DVDs and CDs prove to be the best means. It is especially beneficial for music and video companies who regularly need to create numerous music/video CDs and DVDs of upcoming artists.

DVD or Digital Versatile Discs are capable of storing large amounts of data. While a usual DVD can store around 4.7 GB of data, Dual Layer and Blu-Ray DVDs are capable of storing up to 50GB of data. Because of the popularity of this type of storage means the DVD duplication process is currently becoming extremely popular. DVD duplication is a process in which data from one DVD is copied onto another DVD. This process is ideal for creating low volume short runs of discs.

Due to the rise in popularity of DVD duplication, today, there are a number of companies that provide DVD duplication services. The cost-effectiveness and fast turnaround times for delivery are some of the major features of DVD duplication services. With a DVD duplication service, you can also get a number of printing options such as thermal, photo or digital finish. As the duplication process does not require glass mastering, the cost is further reduced when you want to produce a smaller quantity of discs. So, whether you want to have a backup of your data or want to share your data with others, CD/DVD duplication is the ideal process.

The importance and the process of CD or DVD replication

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

CD replication or DVD replication and CD duplication or DVD duplication helps people to create multiple copies of a single CD or DVD. A lot of companies and industries use replication and duplication as a way of creating multiple copies of their work. This is so that they can distribute it to clients of other companies. You can also use this method to back up important information stored inside your computer.

The process of CD and DVD replication
Thousands of copies can be made from a single original CD or DVD. There are many differences in the process of duplication and replication. In replication a CD or DVD master is created and all the subsequent CDs or DVDs are created individually and originate from this. In duplication the CD or DVD is copied to a blank disk using a writer or burner.

The companies that replicate CDs and DVDs
Many industries such as the music and the movie industry outsource their duplication and replication needs to companies that do this for them. It is important to check whether you have the copyrights for the material that is about to be copied and many duplication companies will also check this which is important to stop piracy.

DVD duplication has advantages for both, individual and businesses

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

DVD duplication directly refers to the process of creating a copy or many copies from an existing DVD. With the help of the process of DVD duplication, you can easily make a number of copies of your DVD without compromising on quality of the content copied. If you are looking to make a few copies of your DVD for back-up or family requirements, then it is quite possible that you will utilise the DVD burner attached to your computer to complete this task. However, if you want to make more than just a few copies of your original work, then professional DVD duplication would be your best option.


DVD duplication allows you to share your original content with others. It is also quite an effective yet inexpensive method of making a back up of your important data. DVD duplication is also quite affordable and allows you to make a number of copies of your important data. Handing out information about your business on a DVD can help you promote your interests in an interesting manner. DVD duplication can enable you to achieve this with minimum problems.

Where should you duplicate your DVDs?

The best way to ensure high quality copies of your DVD is to get in touch with a professional DVD duplication company. These companies are best equipped to handle your requirements and fulfil them in the best possible manner. If you are looking to make high quality copies of your original DVD, then choose a reputable DVD duplication company.

CD and DVD duplication for big businesses

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

CD and DVD duplication is a simple process which is easy to pick up if you do not have any prior knowledge. In fact all you need for CD duplication is CD burning software, a CD/DVD writer and a personal computer. You can burn a number of CDs on a single CD burner, one after each other, depending on the equipment that you have, and is suitable where you intend to share information with just a few people.

CD duplication is a professional’s answer

Businesses would never choose to burn CDs in large quantities, it would be impractical. They would simply outsource this job to a service that provides the required number of copies without compromising on quality of the data and in time for the presentation.

Professionals and corporates alike rely today on professional CD and DVD duplication services which are used for presentations, parties, public distribution and also as marketing communication tools. Colleges, schools and all kinds of organisations use the services of such CD duplication studios which can deliver on the job effectively.

So if you have to distribute CDs and DVDs as free samples at an expo or even for personal use like a family function that requires you to distribute CDs and DVDs in large quantities, the answer is fairly simple. CD duplication services and studios which can easily be found on the internet today will help you burn the various CDs and DVDs.

Professional CD duplication – Easy, economical and fast

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

CDs are highly useful things that people use for personal as well as professional reasons. CD duplication is the popular method of creating new CDs which can be used for any purpose. CD duplication is an easy and simple method and often done at home with the help of a personal computer which is installed with CD duplication software.

Although CD duplication in this manner is helpful when just a single copy requires being made for personal use, it is not profitable when creating a lot of CDs. Professional CD duplication is profitable in numerous ways. Companies that offer professional CD duplication are well equipped with automated machines that can create superior quality CDs.

Professional CD duplication is profitable when you require CDs of less than 500 in number. Since the latest technology is used by such companies, they can offer CD duplication which offers superior quality CDs at an economical price. Moreover, these companies are well equipped to meet CD duplication orders at very short notice.

Thus, professional CD duplication is the best alternative for people who want to get hold of good quality CDs quickly at a reasonable price. However, when placing an order for CD duplication, the person giving the order must have the copyright of the material that is being copied.

If copyright issues are neglected, legal complications can arise. So, make sure you secure copyright before undertaking CD duplication.

CD duplication can be used in college and school festivals

Monday, October 12th, 2009

While the CD duplication industry might have found its applications in the corporate and music world, there are other places where it may find itself useful too. In fact, there are so many places that the CD duplication industry has applications, that it is impossible to account for all of them. CD duplication refers to the act of duplicating CDs and DVDs with the exact same data or even an enhanced version of data from the source. While in the software selling industry, CD and DVD duplication is a necessity, how can CD and DVD duplication help in schools and universities?

Let us assume that a university holds festivals and events on a regular basis. Would it not be a great idea to give details to the audiences using CDs and DVDs than using a simple notice? CD duplication can take the status of a college to a higher level, given that the audiences will be very charmed by this gesture and be impressed with the technology. Another important and relevant application of CD duplication in colleges and universities is that homework can be done using a laptop or a personal computer and also important external links to be used for research can be provided to a number of students by giving each a CD.

Imagine the classrooms of the future where students will not have to carry school books and replace them with only CDs or DVDs instead.

CD replication and duplication offers great quality CDs

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

CDs and DVDs have become a very important way to communicate with people. Musicians, speakers, politicians and even education sectors use a CD or DVD to communicate with the masses. Many companies use this technology to communicate to their customers and it helps them to increase their business.

You can produce a CD or DVD through the process of CD duplication. It is one of the most common procedures to create a CD. It includes many steps and it can help you to make several copies. If you want less number of copies then the CD duplication is the most favourable procedure. It helps you by providing a good quality CD, if the number of copies is fewer than 500.

If the quantity of copies is higher, then you need to opt for CD/DVD replication. If you require a large number of copies, then it is the perfect option for you. Otherwise, you can go with CD duplication. Duplication is much faster and less expensive than the process of CD replication. In the case of CD duplication, there is a slight difference in the quality of the CDs.

Thus, both the services are efficient and effective. It completely depends on your requirements.

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