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Bulk CD replication

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

If many copies of a CD are required bulk replication is going to be the preferable choice. This CD replication process is best suited for order of 300 and above discs. Due to the method of manufacture quantities of 300 and above can be replicated more cost effectively than using short run duplication.

The great thing about choosing bulk CD replication is that costs are kept to a minimum and the customer has their own flexibility over packaging options. If you are working to tight budgets then purchasing CD’s bulk on spindles and packing yourself can save valuable pounds. Our factory replicated discs are usually supplied shrink wrapped in spindles of 100 units.

Bulk replication of CD or DVD also reduces leadtimes as there is no print or packaging to consider. The discs can come straight off the production lines and be shipped same day. Bulk packed discs are usually turned around in 6-7 working days whereas full packaged products with print take at least 10 days.

There are many media companies on line who offer amazing deals on cheap disc packaging. The cheapest packaging is usually the plastic wallet with flap. Our bulk CDs can be easily hand packed into these plastic wallets. Another great solution is the clear clam shell which provides more rigid packaging and is often useful for mailouts. This self pack approach saves both time and money for the customer.

26th October 2011 CD Replication Thank You.

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

More happy customers that have used Testa-Rossa for their CD duplication and replication projects:

Hi Andy,

Took delivery of our albums this afternoon, they look and sound great, we are very Happy Cats!

Thank you for your very professional service and your guidance throughout the manufacturing process.

It has been a pleasure dealing with yourself and Testa-Rossa Studios, we would definilty recommend Testa-Rossa Studios to our colleague’s here in Newcastle upon Tyne and we will certainly be knocking on your door again for any of our future albums.

Kind Regards,
Marty Craggs.

Hey Andy,

Just to let you know I received the CDs yesterday, I’m chuffed to bits, they look fantastic! I look forward to working with you again, when I manage to shift a thousand CDs… (might be a little while yet)


Sam :-)

Stone Roses Reunion, New CD Album Possible?

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Massive news for all Roses fans, the original line up are to re-form for a world tour and possible new CD Album. The band have already announced gigs at Heaton Park, Manchester on June 29th and June 30th.
When asked if a new album is possible frontman Ian Brown hinted “who knows?, we will write till the wheels fall off”….again.

Testa-Rossa Studios are very proud to see the Stone Roses reunite. As a Manchester based Recording Studio from the 90’s Testa-Rossa never experienced any direct bookings with the band but were involved in the official Stone Roses Remix CD album. The album featured the 808 State remix of “Made Of Stone” and studio owner Andy Drelincourt was credited as mix engineer.

Testa-Rossa would like to wish the Stone Roses every success with the new tour and any possible future album. Great to see the original line up of Brown, Squire, Mani and Reni. It has always been said that if the band were to re-form it was essential to re-kindle the Mani/Renni tight rhythm section of funky bass and drums.

The original self titled album “The Stone Roses” is iconically the best debut album of all time. The legendary production of the CD album by John Leckie saw the Roses break new ground in the world of indie and the Roses were considered pioneers of the Manchester music scene. Will Leckie return to produce a new album, I certainly hope so!

Supplying a .wav file for CD duplication.

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

So, you have a really tight deadline and are wondering if it is possible to supply a .wav file for CD duplication by email?

The answer to this is yes in theory, but it may not necessary speed up the order process. It is possible to email a .wav file if both the recipients and senders email accounts allow for that particular size of attachment. If the file exceeds this permissible size then the other option is to use the Testa-Rossa “you send it” dropbox. If you wish to supply .wavs for CD duplication by “you send it” please send us an email to request the dropbox link.

To proceed with an order using electronically transferred .wav files it is necessary to download the files and then produce a PMCD master. To produce this CD master there is normally a charge of approximately £25 + £1 per .wav file. For instance a master requiring 10 .wav files to be added would cost £35 to produce. During the production of this master it is also possible to add extra information such as CD text and ISRC codes.

Once the PMCD master has been burnt it is essential to post a copy of this master to the customer for approval. Due to the source .wav files being transferred electronically the best way to check for integrity is for the customer to listen to the CD master. During the creation of the master a disc read check will also be run to check for any read errors on the disc. These double checks of read errors and listening test will give the customer peace of mind that the duplicated CD’s will perform exactly as intended.

CD album manufacturers.

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The majority of CD album manufacturers use the replication technique to create a retail ready product. This CD manufacturing process takes place in a factory known as a pressing plant. The term pressing plant is used due to the disc information being “pressed” into the plastic by metal stampers.

These disc manufacturing companies can usually handle the replication of CD, DVD and now blu-ray.
The process for each of these products is quite similar and starts with a master disc being burnt in the appropriate format. This master is usually prepared by a separate mastering company or by the customer themselves.

Once a master has been produced it can be forwarded to the CD or DVD manufacturer together with artwork for disc print and possible packaging. Some manufacturers have their own pressing plants and some will sub contract the final replication out to pressing plants.

The UK was once home to many of these CD and DVD pressing plants but over the last few years many have closed or re-located overseas. A large percentage of UK disc manufacture is now contracted out to overseas plants. These overseas pressing plants usually have reduced manufacturing costs and as a bonus a lot of these plants contain much more modern print equipment and production lines.

CD Duplication digipack upgrades.

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Our CD duplication services offer a full range of the ever popular digipack style of packaging. CD replication in a digipack starts from as little as 300 units but price per unit is much more cost effective once an order for 1000 or more units is placed.

All the digipack products that Testa-Rossa offer are very high quality offset litho printed onto 455 mcn white backed board. This is exactly the same quality that you will see in your local high street music store. There are some cheaper sub standard digipack style alternatives on the market but at Testa-Rossa we only use high quality print suppliers for our digipacks.

Standard digipacks start with a 4PP version, this features 4 panel printed full colour with a choice of a clear or black tray. A clear tray allows the artwork of inside right panel to be visible whereas using a black tray means there is usually no need for artwork on the inside right panel as it would not be visible under the tray.

There are many upgrades available for our digipacks. One of the most popular upgrades is a digipack with booklet slit or booklet pouch. This slit or pouch can accommodate standard sized CD booklet from 4 printed page up to 32 printed page. Other upgrades include extra panels and trays, some of the most popular are listed below

• 4PP digipack with 2 trays
• 6PP digipack with single tray
• 6PP digipack with double tray
• 8PP digipack with single tray
• 8PP digipack with double tray
• Gatefold 8PP digipack with double tray

CD Replication For Album Launch Events

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Album launch parties and events seem to be a big part of an independent record labels release schedule.
CD replication is the preferred choice of manufacture for such album launches as this method produces the highest quality retail standard CD album. Whether it be a limited release of 500 albums or a huge release of 50,000 expected sales of an album the replication method is the most appropriate solution.

When embarking on replication services it is always wise to leave more than adequate time for manufacture if launch deadlines are to be achieved. It is not just the manufacture leadtime to consider but also the possibility of hold ups in order processing due to unsuitable artwork specifications or masters containing errors.

Surprisingly we still get customers and record labels supplying parts exactly 10 days before an important launch or gig, expecting to get the CD’s back in time. This is very high risk strategy and more often than not results in the gig or event having to be cancelled and the customer trying to blame the manufacturer for not meeting their deadline.

Due to the complex nature of glass mastering, stamper production and disc pressing there are many uncontrollable factors that can lead to extended leadtimes. Read errors on a supplied master are the most common and customers find it hard to understand that even if the master played back fine on their home stereo that the master can still contain unacceptable errors for the glass mastering process.

Even though CD album manufacture can be achieved in 10 working days as a rule of thumb we always recommend that a customer supplies production parts 30 days before any important deadline. This 30 day period then provides contingency for any unexpected delays during processing, manufacture or delivery.

CD Manufacturing Companies

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

There are many CD manufacturing companies based in the UK who offer replication or pressing of discs. Replication is usually referred to as manufacturing because the discs are produced from raw materials. During this manufacture the discs are pressed with your data, audio or video pre-embedded into the CD or DVD.

On the other hand CD duplication is usually considered a copying or burning process rather than manufacture. This is because the CD-R or DVD-R used in the duplication process has already been manufactured. The duplication involves burning the digital information to these pre-manufactured recordable discs. This process is often used when up to 500 copies of a CD or DVD are required.

For larger quantities of CD music albums or DVD movies the replication or disc manufacturing process is the method used. On these quantities of 500 and above it is far more cost effective to produce a glass master and stamper, then to press the discs. All large manufacturers of CD and DVD use this replication process to produce retail quality entertainment releases.

Whether you choose the duplication or replication process for your discs the quality of the embedded data is exactly the same. The only difference is that potentially a replicated or manufactured disc will have a longer life expectancy than a burnt or duplicated disc.

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