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Last Chance For Black Friday Fever Fifty Pounds Off CD Albums

Friday, November 29th, 2013

It’s Black Friday Fever and the last day to receive £50 off your CD album replication order of 500 copies. The discount can be applied to a 500 quantity order for the following:

  • CD album in jewel case with 4 printed page booklet and inlay
  • CD album in jewel case with 8PP booklet and inlay
  • As above with 16 page booklet
  • CD in 4PP digipack
  • CD in Card Wallet

Simply email your order of 500 units before 6PM today to take full advantage of this great offer.

All artwork templates and specifications are available on the Testa-Rossa website. For fast processing of orders we can accept submission of artwork and DDP filesets to our new “Hightail” dropbox link.

Any orders placed today will qualify for free pre-Christmas delivery.


£50 Off CD album replication 500 orders for Black Friday

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

That’s right £50 off any CD album replication order of 500 units. It seems everyone is getting involved with black Friday offers this year so we thought we would also jump on board.

If you are about to place an order for 500 albums then simply do this on Friday 29th and we will knock £50 of the advertised web price. We offer a fantastic range of retail standard album manufacture packages at very reasonable prices. Take advantage of the offer this Friday and still receive your manufactured order before Christmas.

2013-11-28 cd replication

6PP CD Digipack Order With Clear Tray

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

A nice change to see a 6PP digipack CD replication order come through repro today. Probably 90% of our digipack orders are 4PP so always refreshing to see the 6PP versions in manufacture.

We actually offer a wide variety of digipacks including 4 panel, 6 panel and 8 panel. Also there is a choice of 1, 2 or 3 CD trays depending on the exact configuration. The standard 4PP are relatively cost effective from 1000 units and upwards whereas the more bespoke configurations can be a little out of reach for most 1000 pressing budgets.

As with all our printed parts we can provide a computer to plate template for laying out your designs. The more bespoke digipack formats may look a little confusing at first glance but its a case of following the simple rules of providing a 3mm bleed and keeping text 3mmm away from trim edges. Todays order was quite rare in the fact it used a white background throughout the design so all images will appear framed with white when printed. A novel approach but should great when back from print and with the UV gloss finish.


Quickest way of supplying artwork for CD orders.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Not long to go to Christmas deadlines and as usual customers are asking what is the fastest turnaround time and the quickest way to supply artwork.

If your order is for disc only or disc in a plastic wallet then the artwork file should be small enough to supply by email. If you are supplying artwork for booklet and inlay print then the quickest way would be to upload to our “Hightail” dropbox. Simply drop us an email of your outline order with a request for the link. We will then email a link to our dropbox where your artwork can be uploaded.

For all replication or duplication orders of CD/DVD please remember to supply artwork to our required specifications for fastest turnaround. Artwork referrals will cause delays with processing your order. Artwork should always be supplied as PDF over our templates with the grid markings as the background layer, colour mode should be CMYK and please remember to incorporate a 3mm bleed on all trim edges.


Christmas deadlines for CD Replication update Nov 25th

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

If you are still considering placing an order of CD replication for pre-Christmas delivery then please note we are fast approaching the cut-off date. At present we are still achieving 10 working day leadtimes so work out what your required deadline delivery date is and then work back at least 10 working days. Don’t forget to add a couple of days contingency in case of any artwork or master specification referral issues.

If you require more information on specific order submission and deliver dates then please do give us a call on 01942 895414. Our team will assist you with your manufacturing schedules.


CD replication November £50 discount.

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Still 1 week left to take advantage of our current CD replication discount. Get £50 off any web price order of 500 CD albums, simply use the code NOVREP500 when placing your order. Offer is valid on 4PP, 8PP and 12PP albums, also card wallets.

Any orders placed last week of November using the offer will be delivered before Christmas. This offer is exclusive to our facebook, google+ and twitter followers. Please share this post with any friends who may wish to take advantage of the offer.


CD Duplication Christmas Orders Update Nov 22nd

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Not long to go now to our Christmas orders deadline for CD duplication and replication. We are still working to a 10 day manufacturing schedule for replication orders and just a few days for short run duplication orders. Just about time to submit CD manufacturing orders and receive delivery before Christmas.

Testa-Rossa CD And DVD Services

Thursday, November 21st, 2013



CD Duplication And CD Replication

Searching for CD duplication? then Welcome to the Testa-Rossa website offering the highest quality and best UK pricing for CD and DVD copying services. All our short run CD duplication with colour print is available on the highest quality media and is suitable for quantities of up to 500 discs when fast turnaround of short run orders is essential. For larger volume orders our CD replication services are more suitable. This involves the creation of a glass master and then pressing the discs.


DVD Duplication

When you require the copying of video or larger amounts of data our DVD Duplication services can be used. We also offer disc replication and pressing where higher quantity orders are required at low cost. Testa-Rossa is based in Manchester, UK and our orders are despatched by next day courier to any UK mainland address.

Best methods of supplying masters for duplication

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Here is some useful advice on the best method of supplying masters for duplication or replication orders. The two main formats of optical disc are CD and DVD and there are various methods of supplying masters for manufacture.

In this article lets consider CD, the most common use of this format is for audio, usually in the form of an album release. Traditionally the most common method of master supply is a CD-R master or PMCD. This master should be prepared very carefully so that errors are not present within the master. The most common errors are usually the result of cheap media being used or burning the audio too fast. A simple rule is to purchase the best quality audio specific media available and to then burn at a low speed, most burning applications allow the record speed to be adjusted. This pyhsical master is certainly still a suitable method of supplying content for manufacture.

An alternative way to supply a master for replication is a DDP fieleset, this method is becoming more popular due to the ability to transfer the files electronically via the internet. A DDP fileset can be output from professional mastering applications directly to your hard drive. This direct output will bypass the need to burn a PMCD so also negates some of the potential errors that can be introduced. Most manufacturers and pressing plants will accept a DDP fileset via the internet as long as it contains a checksum. This checksum is essential to validate the successful transfer of data and that no loss or corruption has occurred. This electronic method of supplying a master is a also a suitable option and if carried out correctly there is less chance of errors.

Christmas Order Deadlines And Leadtimes

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Our deadlines for replication orders have now passed however we are now taking orders for delivery 2nd week in January. Through the holidays our duplication orders are also still available as an express service. If you are concerned over delivery deadlines please drop us an email with your order and turnaround requirements.

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