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DVD duplication of electronic catalogues.

Friday, March 8th, 2013

There has been an ever increasing growth in business for DVD duplication of electronic catalogues. This business sector growth has been due to better understanding of what the DVD-R format can be used for. Also the increases in price of traditional litho printed brochures has turned companies towards the more cost effective solution of DVD brochures.

A duplicated DVD can hold data information up to 4.7GB in size so is easily capable of storing thousands of pages and high resolution photographs. For companies that have a large product range the DVD is a far more sensible format for distribution of catalogues. These DVD duplication catalogues can contain detailed information and high resolution photos of product ranges for the customer to view or even print relevant sections.

Most comprehensive electronic brochures are put together in PDF format but these PDF files can be far too large for email or internet download. The option to burn the PDF to DVD for postal distrbution is a no brainer for many UK companies who rely on direct marketing to new and existing business customers. This form of distribution is a perfect example of how DVD duplication can be used as a powerful marketing tool for business.

As some customers point out to us the DVD can also be considered environmentally friendly. The information able to be stored on a single DVD could take thousands of pages of colour print if produced by traditional print. Help save trees and consider DVD duplication as an alternative to print.

Highest Quality CD Duplication machinery

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

At Testa-Rossa we only ever use the highest quality CD duplication machinery for all our orders. Duplicated discs can be as good as a replicated pressed disc as long as the highest quality machines and procedures are used. Our duplication equipment includes machines made by R-quest, MF digital and Rimage, these manufacturers produce some of the highest quality duplicators available.

Our cheapest form of CD duplication is carried out on our MF digital machines, these discs are printed using a Rimage Prism plus printer which is capable of printing black text and logos to a silver CD-R. Our MF digital duplicators can verify each disc but are not capable of burning CD text. If CD text is present on the supplied master we use our higher specification R-quest duplicators which copy any CD text information from the master to the duplicates.

For all CD duplication orders we offer very high quality digital colour print by means of a thermal transfer method. Riamge are known worldwide for manufacturing the best thermal colour printers in the business. At Testa-Rossa we have several Rimage Everest auto printers which produce colour thermal print direct to disc. This print is high gloss in appearance and is highly scratch or water resistant.

There are CD duplication companies out there that can offer slightly cheaper pricing than Testa-Rossa but it may be questionable what equipment and print techniques are being used for orders. If as a customer you have any doubts abot your duplication order then always ask the company what machines and method of print they use.

Understanding The Complex Process Of CD Replication

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

For many potential customers, understanding the process of CD replication can be a little difficult. Many people believe that replicating a CD is a straight forward task similar to burning a CD-R in their computer. It is sometimes hard to explain to a customer why replication takes at least 7 days leadtime.

The most important thing to understand is that CD replication is a full manufacturing process carried out from raw materials. The main material used is polycarbonate plastic with a thin layer of nickel sandwiched in between. The set up stages known as mastering are quite technical and complex but once metal stampers are produced the actual pressing of the disc is quite fast.

It is the mastering stages that are the most time consuming. The glass mastering process is quite a speedy process but then the production of the metal stampers does take some time. The metal stampers are produced by using a form of electrolysis and this does usually take a few days. It is not really possible to speed up the electrolysis process and this part of the manufacture tends to govern the leadtime. It is not uncommon for the metal stampers to fail and when this happens the leadtime may extend by a couple of days.

Although this manufacturing process can take around 7 days the quality of the replicated CD is certainly worth the wait. A replicated disc will always have a longer lifespan than a CD-R due to the way the disc is produced.

The Most Suitable Artwork For DVD Duplication

Monday, March 4th, 2013

So, you are ready to submit an order for discs but what is the most suitable artwork for DVD duplication?
Many customers ask how artwork should be supplied and in what particular file format or resolution.

This article should guide the customer through supplying most suitable artwork for DVD duplication. The main thing to remember is that the disc print can only ever be as good as the artwork supplied. If poor artwork is supplied then print results will inevitably be compromised. Please always take care to produce and supply artwork in as high quality format as possible.

File format should preferably be PDF, this is the most compatible file for artwork and printing requirements. One of the advantages of PDF is that customer fonts will be embedded into the file without the need to flatten or rasterise text layers. This method of embedding fonts to the files enables the text information to be output as vector giving better detailed print quality of text. This will ensure that any text printed to the DVD surface is as clear and defined as possible.

Resolution of images should always be at least 300 pixel per inch. Be sure that your design application is working at this resolution. Many applications default to 72 pixel per inch when creating a new document. 72 PPI is only suitable for computer graphics and web based artwork. DVD printing always requires 300 PPI or above.

Colour mode should always be CMYK if you require full colour print with your DVD duplication. Again please ensure your design application is working with a CMYK colourspace rather than RGB.

Following the above advice should result in the duplication being able to directly use customer artwork for printing. If the above specifications are not adhered to then the duplicator may have to refer artwork back to customer for amendments which will add extra leadtime to the order.

CD Duplication For UK Business Customers

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Although a lot of our clients are connected to the music industry we do also have many CD duplication business customers. The compact disc was invented around the music business but these days the CD is often used as a distribution method for many different types of digital information.

CD-R can carry up to 700Mb of files such as pdf, excel, word, photoshop, zip, video, powerpoint, wav, html, ISO and thousands of other file types. Basically any digital file you may have on a computer can be burnt to a CD-R using the duplication process.

Over the years some of our business customers have included:

  • Hospitals
  • Solicitors
  • Ministry Of Transport
  • Sports Clothing Companies
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Schools
  • Film and Video companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Councils
  • Architects
  • Pubs and bars
  • Builders
  • Steel fabricators
  • Food manufacturers
  • Electronic goods suppliers
  • Publishers
  • Car manufacturers

In fact we have probably carried out CD duplication services for virtually all types of business and industry over the last 20 years. No matter what trade you are in there is always a requirement for distribution of data in a digital format.

Our duplication services start from as little as £50, we offer cheap options for very basic disc print ranging up to very high quality full retail standard print and packaging fulfilment. Whatever your company requirements Testa-Rossa will have a solution for your data distribution.

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