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CD duplication printing – RGB vs CMYK

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

When submitting CD duplication orders one of the main errors that we come across is when artwork is supplied in RGB colour. For CD duplication printing artwork always needs to be submitted in CMYK colour. The only exception to this rule is when the disc needs to be printed spot colour pantone. Artwork for CD booklets, inlays and printed card wallets always has to be CMYK. We estimate that approx 25% of orders are submitted using the incorrect RGB colour mode. Submitting artwork in the incorrect format will inevitably lead to delays in the order being processed and possible additional reprographics charges.

RGB colour is a mode used by computer monitors and TVs, it is not a suitable colour mode for commercial printing. Commercial offset litho print uses the CMYK process where any colour can be made from combining Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks. It is not possible to print from a RGB artwork file. Customers should always ensure that they are working in the correct CMYK mode within their chosen graphics or artwork application. It is not always possible to simply convert a RGB file to CMYK without opening the artwork in the original application it was created in, therefore it is important to always check you are in the correct colour mode before progressing with designs.

When customers supply artwork in RGB colour it is just not possible to proceed with the print order. Any RGB artwork will need to be re-supplied in CMYK as our printers will reject all RGB files and charge for re-supply. Testa-Rossa will always check for RGB content and give our customers chance to rectify and avoid these extra print re-supply charges. To avoid delays and potential extra charges always be sure to work in CMYK.

UK Based CD Duplication

Monday, November 8th, 2010

When looking for a CD duplication company who offer a fast and reliable service it is worth checking that their production is UK based. Some CD duplication companies may offer very cheap prices but this usually down to the production being based overseas and inevitably this usually means longer leadtimes. At Testa-Rossa all of our short run duplication for both CD and DVD is in-house and produced in the UK.

At Testa-Rossa we believe that our duplication services are probably the fastest available in the UK. For most orders we can yield a run of up to 500 discs in just a 24 hour period. Also because the CD production is UK based then our deliveries are next day by reputable courier companies including DPD and UPS. For urgent orders this combination of fast turnaround duplication and next day express courier means customers can receive fully duplicated and printed discs just 48 hours from their initial order.

If you are looking for fastest production times then give us a call or check through the website for further details. Testa-Rossa also offer complete fulfilment services including paper printed booklet and inlays which can be packed our range of high quality jewel cases, DVD cases, Clam Shells and card wallets.

Jewel Case CD Albums – Duplication Or Replication?

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

OK so here’s the scenario, your band has just spend a month in local studio recording their latest album. Money is tight and you only want a few hundred copies of your album manufactured. Do you choose CD duplication or CD replication?

At Testa-Rossa we are able to offer both Replication or Duplication of your latest CD album. Both our manufacturing processes will give a retail standard product but as a rule CD replication is always going to be the best option if you are considering at least 400 copies. The main advantage of replication is that your discs are factory pressed in the same way all high street CD releases are manufactured.

A replicated disc will always have a longer life due to the manufacturing process used. For example if you came back to your album in 20 years time the replicated disc is always going to play back perfectly where as the duplicated disc may have deteriorated over time. This deterioration is due the way a CD-R is made and the dyes used in the process. These dyes are volatile and can be affected over time especially by strong sunlight or other UV exposure.

So our advice would be that if you only need 200 albums and you are not too worried if that CD will playback reliably in 10 years or so then we would recommend duplication. On the other hand if you want your latest album to stand the test of time replication is certainly the wiser choice for your manufacture. It’s therefore maybe worth increasing your order to 500 units and going for CD replication.

CD Duplication For Promotional Pre Release

Friday, November 5th, 2010

One of the most effective ways of promoting a music release is by using CD duplication. Most record companies will send mail outs of a promotional CD 4-5 weeks before the release date. These promotional CD’s will be mailed to radio stations, club DJ’s, other larger record labels and pluggers. The fastest way to produce these promotional discs is by seeking the services of a CD duplication company such as Testa-Rossa.

A typical record company promotional mail out would be anywhere between 100 and 500 copies of the pre release CD. For these pre release mailouts timing is usually very important so duplication offers a more speedy turnaround for critical deadlines. Using the CD duplication method of production up to 500 discs can be burnt and printed in 24 hours. For mailouts customers would usually choose CD with simple black text print or CD with black text print in plastic wallet with a black and white printed card insert. Testa-Rossa offers a simple cost effective service for both of these products.

The CD duplication process can also add ISRC codes to all the disc copies. ISRC can be important even for pre release as it is the main method used to track airplay royalties. Before the actual release of a CD or record the songs may receive extensive airplay on radio and TV so it is important that these airplay royalties are generated and logged correctly. As long as the master provided has the ISRC codes embedded then all the duplicated discs will also contain these codes.

CD Replication And Duplication In Manchester

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

If you are looking for a reputable CD duplication and replication company in the Manchester area then Testa-Rossa offers a fantastic service at competitive pricing. The company was established in 1993 and offers duplication and replication for CD audio, CD-ROM, DVD video and DVD-ROM.

Testa-Rossa is very popular with small independent record labels and self funded artists. We offer full retail standard CD album pressing from 500 units and above. These pressed or replicated discs are produced in exactly the same plants as used by the major record labels. This gives our customers complete peace of mind knowing that the end product will equal the quality of any major record release. We are even able to add an EAN-13 barcode to your album ready for epos set up with retailers.

For customers who are uncertain whether to commit to a replication run of 500+ units we have various solutions using the CD duplication method. Even for these smaller album orders we still print the booklet and inlay sets using full colour litho print so the presentation is still the same high quality. With these smaller orders the audio content is burnt to high quality Sony CD-R and printed either black or full colour thermal process.

Reduced leadtimes For CD Duplication

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

When time is of the essence and you need CD’s fast then Testa-Rossa can provide CD Duplication services with reduced leadtimes. For smaller order of less than 500 CD’s we provide fast turnaround as quickly as 24 hours. Our fastest service is CD duplication bulk supply where we provide the duplication and print of the CD and supply the discs on spindles.

Orders of full colour printed CDs can be produced in as little as 24 hours. For the fastest turnaround always be sure to provide print ready CD artwork to the correct specifications as per our website. We have a range of print methods to compliment our duplication including black thermal text, full coverage black and full colour thermal gloss print.

If you are seeking a more complete service we can also provide CD packaging ranging from clear plastic sleeves and jewel cases right up to high presentation card wallets and digipacks. For larger orders where retail standard manufacture is required we would recommend you check out our range of CD and DVD replication services. Our replication deals are more suitable for orders of 450 units upwards, replication offers a professional factory pressed disc. Although leadtimes are typically longer at around 10 days the unit price becomes a lot lower with this manufacturing process.

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