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The usefulness of CD and DVD duplication

Friday, October 30th, 2009

DVD and CD duplication is a process which is done by burning data on a blank CD or DVD. The duplicated CDs are high in quality and can be played in most electronic hardware devices.

The importance of CD duplication

Nowadays, music companies use this process to release their songs and videos. The maximum number of CDs that can be created with the help of this process is up to 500 and the minimum CDs should be more than 100. So, if you are only planning to order 2 or 3 copies then this process should be done at home. The process of duplication is fast and it is done without compromising on the quality of the CD/DVD.

The process involved in CD duplication

There are two ways to duplicate a CD or DVD. By pressing the music on the discs or digitally transferring the music on the CD or DVD, this is done by using state of the art industrial duplicators.

The artwork

The artwork on the CD or DVD in this process is generally done by inkjet printers. Otherwise, the printing on the CD is usually done at the time of pressing.

Thus, this process is much faster and cheaper than the process of replication.

CD duplication will help you to create good quality CDs

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

CD duplication is the procedure in which CDs are duplicated and the contents from a computer or other data-source are backed-up. The CD duplication process is used when small quantity of copies is required. If the number of copies is up to 500 or less, then duplication is an ideal choice for you. The quality of the duplicated CDs is high and even the sound is as good as the original version.

The advantages of CD duplication
• The process of CD duplication is not as expensive as the process of CD replication.
• This process is suitable when the quantity demand is low.
• With CD duplication, the results are great and you can eliminate extra cost.
• The process of duplicating CDs is much faster than the process of replicating.

This process is very popular in producing a small number of CDs. It helps you to minimise expenses and you can check a sample CD before the actual duplication begins. In the UK, you can also get other services from your duplication provider. These services vary from high resolution inkjet printing to thermal printing.

One of the most important features is that it is very cheap in comparison to replication and it also provides high quality copies. Thus, if you want small quantities and good quality CDs, then the process of duplication is perfect for you.

Digipak CD Duplication

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Testa-Rossa are able to offer some of best prices around on CD duplication in Digipak style packaging. The Digipack or digipak is an alternative product to the standard jewel case album and consists of a printed cardboard gatefold packaging with an internal plastic tray to hold the disc. Digipacks have been a very expensive product over the last few years but recently due to higher demand for this product and alternative printers the prices have started to fall. We are now able to offer a run of CD replication in digipak for as little as £799+vat for one thousand units. This new low price makes this packaging option more available to smaller record labels and self financed album releases. As with all our replicated disc products these albums are manufactured to the highest retail quality.

CD Pressing Plants

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Testa-Rossa sub contracts parts of its CD manufacturing to some of the worlds best CD pressing plants. These plants carry out the glass mastering, stamper manufacture and disc pressing using state of the art machinery. All presing plants used by Testa-Rossa are of the highest quality and all comply to IRMA or CDSA anti piracy policies. Rest assured when you order your CD replication services through Testa-Rossa you are guaranteed of the best CD manufacturing services available in the world today. For further details and price lists of our services please check our main website pages.

CD duplication or CD replication – Take your pick

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

CDs are used these days for home, commercial and promotional purposes. Easy availability of technology like CD duplication and CD replication has prompted people to create new CDs for unique profitable purposes.

Before you make use of either of the technologies it is essential for you to know when CD duplication is better than CD replication and vice versa. The best method of creating new CDs is undoubtedly ordering original CDs. However, the problem with original CDs is that the manufacturing cost may be high and the procedure takes longer.

CD duplication and CD replication on the other hand are economical and simple. The simpler of the two procedures is CD duplication. In the process of CD duplication, the material is copied from the master CD to readymade blank CDs. Here the new CDs are identical and have the same properties as the master CD. CD duplication is most profitable when the number of CDs to be manufactured is less than 500.

When you need to create CDs that are more than 500 in number then you must opt for CD replication. CD replication is a method of creating new CDs where each CD is created and not merely copied. Since CD replication creates unique individual CDs, here the quality is slightly better and highly recommended for professional purposes.

So, take your pick and use the latest technology to your benefit.

Piracy robs the movie and music industries of their creativity and ingenuity

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

The music and movie industries face a lot of problems due to piracy. The effect of piracy is hurting these industries right where it hurts them the most – their pockets. These industries are losing lots of money on a regular basis as a result of piracy and its effects. Anti piracy laws have to an extent curbed the level of piracy, but piracy by and large is prevalent even today.

The deadly effects of piracy on different industries
The music, movie, software and gaming industry loses billions of pounds every year due to piracy encroaching into their industry. People purchase pirated CD’s and DVD’s because they are available at a very cheap price. They may be cheap, but they do not have the quality of original CDs or DVDs. As a result, the artists who create the CDs or DVDs do not get the benefits they deserve. Even those directors and writers who come up with blockbuster movies do not reap the benefits after they put all their efforts into them.

Piracy stifles the creativity of artists

Piracy does not only take a toll on the profits but also affects the level of ingenuity and creativity of the artists. This as a result stifles the creativity of the industry. Artists will not create original work if they know they will not benefit from them.

CD mastering will improve the quality of the audio on the CD

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Many people try to make their songs sound better by recording sections of the song separately and then using mixing equipment. People also record different songs for their album at different locations. This style of recording each song at a time in a recording studio results in different songs having different EQs. Hence, each song may have variations and peaks at different levels.

CD mastering can solve this problem and it helps you by unifying the sound of the songs across the CD. A mastering engineer will create consistent sound tracks by eliminating the unnecessary noise in the background. And, CD mastering enhances the overall quality of the songs by altering the space between the audio tracks.

The importance of CD mastering

The recording of songs can be done very easily and anyone can do it with some knowledge. CD mastering on the other hand needs a professional touch because mastering is a very important step which calls for editing and polishing of the audio track.

The three major steps of mastering a CD

• Editing – This step eliminates the unnecessary noise and errors.
• Sweetening – This will help to bring the overall sound of the CD to the same level.
• Quality checking – This is the last step before releasing the audio CD to the market and it eliminates all the errors which have not been rectified in the earlier steps.

Thus, CD mastering will improve the quality of the sound and even a casual listener will make out the difference after mastering. So the CD mastering stage is the final and most creative step when creating a CD.

Hiring the best CD and DVD duplication company to back up your information

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

CD duplication and DVD duplication has helped countless number of companies in various industries to duplicate CDs and DVDs. Many industries such as the music, film, software and gaming industries use CD and DVD duplication to make copies of their CDs and DVDs, so that it can be made available across the whole world. This is best way to make your work available to people across the world.

The need to back up information
People can also use CD duplication services to back up information that is stored inside their hard drive. This information may be very valuable to you and losing it would be catastrophic to your company. The best way to save this information is by keeping a backup of this information on CD or DVD. There are many CD and DVD duplication companies that will take care of your CD duplication needs for you. These companies provide these services at a nominal price. You have to be very careful in selecting a company for your duplication needs. Always choose a reputable company that asks you for the copyrights to the material that is about to be copied.

Criteria when selecting a duplication company
It is advisable to check the response time of the company before placing an order. If it takes them a long time to get back to, then you should think about going to another company to copy your CDs and DVDs.

Professional CD duplication – Easy, economical and fast

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

CDs are highly useful things that people use for personal as well as professional reasons. CD duplication is the popular method of creating new CDs which can be used for any purpose. CD duplication is an easy and simple method and often done at home with the help of a personal computer which is installed with CD duplication software.

Although CD duplication in this manner is helpful when just a single copy requires being made for personal use, it is not profitable when creating a lot of CDs. Professional CD duplication is profitable in numerous ways. Companies that offer professional CD duplication are well equipped with automated machines that can create superior quality CDs.

Professional CD duplication is profitable when you require CDs of less than 500 in number. Since the latest technology is used by such companies, they can offer CD duplication which offers superior quality CDs at an economical price. Moreover, these companies are well equipped to meet CD duplication orders at very short notice.

Thus, professional CD duplication is the best alternative for people who want to get hold of good quality CDs quickly at a reasonable price. However, when placing an order for CD duplication, the person giving the order must have the copyright of the material that is being copied.

If copyright issues are neglected, legal complications can arise. So, make sure you secure copyright before undertaking CD duplication.

CD duplication can be used in college and school festivals

Monday, October 12th, 2009

While the CD duplication industry might have found its applications in the corporate and music world, there are other places where it may find itself useful too. In fact, there are so many places that the CD duplication industry has applications, that it is impossible to account for all of them. CD duplication refers to the act of duplicating CDs and DVDs with the exact same data or even an enhanced version of data from the source. While in the software selling industry, CD and DVD duplication is a necessity, how can CD and DVD duplication help in schools and universities?

Let us assume that a university holds festivals and events on a regular basis. Would it not be a great idea to give details to the audiences using CDs and DVDs than using a simple notice? CD duplication can take the status of a college to a higher level, given that the audiences will be very charmed by this gesture and be impressed with the technology. Another important and relevant application of CD duplication in colleges and universities is that homework can be done using a laptop or a personal computer and also important external links to be used for research can be provided to a number of students by giving each a CD.

Imagine the classrooms of the future where students will not have to carry school books and replace them with only CDs or DVDs instead.

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