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A comprehensive checklist for selecting the right CD duplication service

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

CD duplication is a process many people undertake today and need for a number of purposes. The volume of these CDs can vary as per the requirements and also the prices vary accordingly. The important thing to remember about CD duplication is that if you are distributing these CDs at high profile events or even at a location that has a large number of your company’s public and stakeholders arriving, you must ensure consistency in quality.

Here is a short checklist of essentials that should come with your CD duplication package.

– Quality of the media/data: When you want CD duplication for purposes of distribution, do not compromise on the quality of the CDs that you buy or even the data that is reproduced. Remember that people will take these CDs and DVDs home and play them on machines which do not even support bad quality CDs. Therefore, ensure that the quality of both the CD as well as the data is top notch.
– Keep the art work ready: While the CD duplication service may do its job of capably reproducing CD after CD of quality data, it is your job to decide on the art work that goes on the CD. If you are looking for a cost effective alternative or want to save time so the CD duplication can produce more duplicates in less time, then go for something simple.
– Packaging: This is one of the important aspects of CD duplication. This helps your CD become more marketable and makes it a professional option for the market.

Do not ignore any one of these considerations because they are important and will help you make the right choice.

The transformation in the music and movie industries as a result of CD duplication

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

The use of CD duplication and CD replication has helped transform the movie, music, software and gaming industries. The CD had a big impact on the music and movie industry. Previously, the music industry used to sell the music of artists by copying it onto vinyl and cassettes, before distributing them to customers. Likewise, movies were copied onto video tapes.

The change in the copying techniques
This method was very intricate and difficult. As a result these vinyl, cassettes or video tapes were heavily priced. The introduction of the CD and the DVD changed the whole scene. These CDs and DVDs could be duplicated and replicated very easily. This could also be done at a cheaper rate. Thus, buyers of CDs and DVDs could get them from music and movie production companies at a nominal price. The process of CD and DVD replication is fully automated. The process of duplication and replication works by the use of CD mastering. The process of CD mastering takes place by first creating a CD master. The CD master has all the information that is to be replicated onto other blank CDs and DVDs.

The process of CD mastering
A stamper is created from this CD master and then used to reproduce copies of the material on other CDs and DVDs. The CD or DVD may then be coated with a thin transparent layer that prevents it from getting damaged. Many music and movie industries outsource their CD and DVD duplication needs to replication companies. In this way, CDs and DVDs have revolutionised the music and movie industry.

CD duplication and mastering services can give work an air of professionalism

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

CD duplication and mastering are not exactly new concepts. They have both existed independent of each other and are used by many people across the world. When it comes to CD duplication, our first and foremost misconception is that it is a gross over exaggeration of the humble CD burning process on our computers.

To harbour such a doubt about the CD duplication process would be wrong, as CD duplication is a whole lot more than just CD burning. Many people wonder why they should consider CD duplication processes when they can have the same number of CDs burnt on their computers.

In this case, here are a few things you should know about CD duplication and the ways you can benefit from it:

– CD duplication allows you to burn a larger number of CDs in a short period of time, with a minimum number of faulty or corrupt CDs
– CD duplication can ensure that the CDs handled are collated, arranged and even packaged in a professional manner. This ensures a reduced chance of CD corruption
– CD duplication services use mastering techniques which can be used to create a number of effects on your piece of work giving it an enhanced feel.

So the next time that you think of CD duplication, the best solution for a hassle-free professional and time efficient method to duplicate CDs could be a good CD duplication service.

Benefits of professional CD duplication

Monday, September 7th, 2009

CDs are used for storing, sharing and distributing audio-visual projects, music and other types of information or data. Since it is an elaborate and costly process to create original CDs, other easier methods are used for creating new CDs.

CD duplication is used widely by individuals who want to create a number of new CDs for distributing them. CD replication is another highly popular method of creating CDs, but since CD replication is beneficial only for people who want to order many new CDs, CD duplication is preferred when fewer numbers of new CDs are required.

CD duplication can be done at home with the help of cheap CD duplication software that is installed on a personal computer. However, for creating a bunch of new CDs that can be used for professional purposes, professional CD duplication must be used.

Professional CD duplication offers a number of benefits which are not easy to match. Companies that offer professional CD duplication services use the latest equipment for CD duplication. Only automated machines which require minimum human intervention are used for professional CD duplication.

As a result CDs created through the process of professional CD duplication are of superior quality and also cheaper in price. Professional CD duplication offer very fast services along with professional CD packaging facilities. So, if you opt for professional CD duplication you can get hold of superior quality new CDs that are ready to be used for professional purposes.

Professional CD duplication is cheap and of high quality

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

CDs and DVDs have become articles of everyday use. People use CDs for storing and sharing important data as well as materials of personal importance. The small size but large capacity of data-holding makes CDs very popular in the current world. CDs are created for personal use and also for use on a larger scale.

CD duplication is a common method of creating a number of CDs at a very low cost. CD duplication is a method where the data is copied from the master CD to numerous readymade blank CDs. All the CDs created through the process of CD duplication are thus mere copies and do not have any properties of their own.

CD duplication is not used for highly professional purposes. Usually CD duplication is used for creating CDs for personal use or for campaigning for social causes at the grass roots level. CD duplication creates CDs which do not have superior quality as the copied CD is slightly of lower quality than the master CD.

Often people who have a personal computer opt for CD duplication at home using general software that allows CD duplication. However, when more than 50 copies of a CD is required to be made, professional CD duplication is a better choice because it is cheaper and the resultant CDs are of better quality.

Professional CD duplication is the best way to get hold of new CDs that are less than 500 in number.

CD replication is ideal for large orders

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

CDs are one of the widely used media tools for data storage and distribution purposes. They are easy to access and as the majority of computers today have CD drives they are probably the best devices for sharing information. CDs are presently compared to the earlier printed media. Today, everything from movies to music is available on CDs and DVDs, and with the reduction of the cost of blank CDs, CD duplication and CD replication services have gained a lot of popularity.

People often get confused between the CD replication and CD duplication techniques. Though both the duplication and replication techniques copy the data from one disc to another, they involve different processes. CD replication is different and it is a more sophisticated process compared to CD duplication. It uses a process called injection moulding that utilises ‘stampers’ for creating discs, whereas the CD duplication process involves the plain burning of new discs.

CD replication is a superior process compared to the CD duplication processes. Although both processes entail the burning of data onto discs, in the case of replication, not only the data but the overall physical appearance of the disc is copied. For instance, if a music company wants to create mass copies of their recent release, they need to initially create a high-quality master disc. This master disc is then sent to the CD replication company for creating numerous copies. While CD replication is ideal for companies that wish to create more than 500 copies of their data, CD duplication is best for creating less than 500 copies.

CD replication is the best way to create original CDs for various purposes

Friday, September 4th, 2009

These days a safe and secure way to store data in a small space is to use CDs and DVDs. Many large commercial companies use CDs and DVDs for storing and sharing important information. New CDs require being created for this purpose. The best way to create new CDs with professional quality is to opt for CD replication.

Companies that provide CD replication services use the latest technology for creating new CDs. The main reason behind the wide use of CD replication is that it is much cheaper than creating original CDs. Moreover, the quality of CDs created through the method of CD replication is pretty good and can easily be used for professional purposes.

CD replication is a method of creating new original CDs. Thus the CDs created through the process of CD replication are unique in every way. CD replication is an automated process which requires minimal human intervention. Thus, it is very easy for companies providing professional CD replication services to meet deadlines.

Companies providing CD replication services offer a fast and cheap service along with CD packaging. So, when commercial organisations place orders for CD replication it can have professionally packaged CDs which look as good as original CDs and so can be used for all purposes.

Due to these facilities, CD replication is used by academic institutions, retail stores and individual people for meeting several requirements. So, use this advanced technology for making profits for your company.

Why CD mastering is important

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

You have been trying hard to create your own music and it is your dream that it should be the best. After creating the music, the sound engineers will help you to make it better. Through CD mastering, the engineers will give your music the soaring highs and lows that it needs to compete with all the other releases in the market.

What does is it do?

• Raise the overall sound level.
• Corrects the minor deficiencies with equalisation.
• Eliminates the disturbance from your sound track.
• It enhances the flow of your soundtrack by filling the space between the tracks.

With mastering, you can get a professional sound. All the major albums are mastered before release. CD mastering also allows the engineer to hone the sound which makes the overall album unbelievable.

Mastering gives the finishing touch to your album. CD mastering is the last chance to see that everything fits together and to check the sound. The secret of great mastering is blending and mixing. Of course, the engineer plays the most important role in making it sound great.

CD mastering is a part of post production. You can also do a sample mastering on one song and then for others. After all, you have a chance to enhance your music and let it sound the best.

The reasons behind the rapid growth of the CD replication industry

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Over the years people have developed a number of ways to store data. From tapes to floppies to CDs, they have all proved their worth. However, if you had to compare these storage devices and had to pick the best, it is without a doubt that CDs would stand out as a top contender. This is because CDs have a number of advantages that tapes and floppies do not have. CDs are easy to handle, more convenient to use and have a lot more storage space. This makes them ideal for both entertainment and corporate use.

The rising demand for CDs and CD replication

Due to these benefits, CDs have become extremely popular all over the world. Along with them, the process of CD replication has also become popular for two main reasons.

Meeting demand
With more and more people buying and using CDs, it is necessary to meet the growing demands for them. This can be effectively done with the help of CD replication services. These CD replication services enable companies of all sizes need to provide customers with company and product information.

Quality service
But simply meeting entertainment and business needs is not all that CD replication companies offer. The services provided by these companies ensure high quality CDs, thanks to specialised equipment and the techniques they use. Along with this, CD replication companies can produce large amounts of replicated CDs within a short period of time and at reasonable rates.

It is for these various reasons that the CD replication industry has become as popular as it is today.

Why professional DVD duplication is better than doing the job at home

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

The use of DVDs has become widespread all over the world. One of the main reasons for this is due to the large amount of storage space available on DVDs and it is mainly because of their storage capacity that DVDs are used for storing films, games and various other kinds of information. But providing all this data to people all over the world is a task. So how is this task best handled?

Using DVD duplication is the answer

DVD duplication involves taking the data stored on a DVD and through the help of professional equipment, transferring it onto blank discs. But duplicating DVDs at home on a regular computer can be time-consuming and even expensive. For this reason, companies that require DVD duplication services go to professional companies to take advantage of these services.

What makes professional DVD duplication companies perfect for the job?

There are a number of advantages you can gain from using professional DVD duplication services. One of the most important ones is that it is an affordable option when you want to distribute videos of special occasions to family and friends. The low rates on bulk orders are also very beneficial to companies that provide hundreds of customers with information.

Professional DVD duplication services have a fast turnaround time which is another advantage of using them. These duplicating services also offer packaging services so that by the time the finished products are ready, they can be distributed immediately as well.

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