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The importance of CD duplication companies to businesses

Monday, August 31st, 2009

If providing company and product information to customers was ever a problem before, it definitely is not one today. This is because companies have found a wonderful way to provide this information to customers and even employees with no trouble at all. CDs have become popular storage devices because of their storage capacity and portability.

But since companies often require thousands of the same CD copy, they also require a special service to help them provide customers with this information. This is where the services of CD duplication companies come into play.

Why do businesses use CD duplication companies?

CD duplication companies offer duplicating services that help to make several copies of one CD. Of course anyone would think that this is something that could easily be done at home. It can, although it would take a very long time and companies cannot really afford to take that long to inform customers about developments as they happen. CD duplication companies on the other hand, can duplicate hundreds to thousands of CDs within a very short time.

A quick turnaround, however, is not all that these CD duplication companies provide customers with. Quality is one of the most important requirements when dealing with customers. For this reason, companies prefer to use professional CD duplication services because they offer high quality CD copies. This ensures customers that they are dealing with professional and reliable companies.

One of the best things about professional CD duplication companies is that they are quite affordable and this is another reason companies opt for their services.

Getting professional quality DVDs at reasonable rates

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Anyone trying to establish a name in the entertainment industry would obviously need to show production houses a sample of their work before they are signed up. This is usually required when it comes to film makers and musicians. While musicians may have the option of live performances, film makers do not. So it is necessary for film makers to have a good quality copy of their work.

Professionally made DVDs can work wonders

You are probably wondering how amateur film makers could provide professional quality DVDs if they did not have the experience or equipment. While the experience can gradually grow, equipment may be hard to buy because the machines and technology can be quite expensive. For this reason, amateur film makers turn to DVD replication companies.

The services offered by DVD replication companies allow editing of DVDs so that their quality is up to the mark. In addition to this, these DVD replication companies can even edit the sound of DVDs and take out unnecessary background sounds that might affect the quality of the content. This ensures that the DVD is as good as any professionally made DVD.

However, film makers do not have to worry about paying high professional prices for these services. DVD replication companies offer these services at affordable rates so that their customers can benefit from them. They also have very low prices when it comes to replicating DVDs, which is required as film makers may have to provide several companies with their work. DVD replication companies even package bulk DVD orders to complete the professional look.

Using printing and packaging techniques to increase the sales of CDs and DVDs

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Most companies give a lot of importance to the CD duplication or DVD duplication and CD replication and DVD replication process, but do not give a lot of attention to printing and packaging. Printing and packaging occupies a very important part in marketing and selling the product. A company that pays special attention towards printing and packaging will be successful in selling their product.

Role of printing and packaging in CD/DVD replication/duplication
CDs and DVDs have to be packaged very well for them to be bought by a lot of customers. Those CDs and DVDs that have some sort of attractive packaging will definitely sell more than those that are not that good looking. Your packaging should grab a customer’s attention as soon as he/she enters the store. It has to be pleasing to the eye and must stand out from all the other CDs and DVDs on the same rack. Your packaging and printing should be clearly visible from a distance. It should stop your customers right in their tracks. Only then will you be successful in selling your CD or DVD. It is not only the inside that is of importance but also the outside.

Printing techniques used to attract the customer’s attention
A CD or DVD that has attractive colours and eye catching imagery will always end up selling more than that of a CD or DVD with poor imagery and graphics. There are different types of printing techniques such as, the three off-set printing techniques and the five off-set printing techniques. In this way you can make sure that your CD or DVD stands out from the rest.

Is CD replication better than duplication?

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

With advances in technology, it has become very easy to duplicate or replicate a CD/DVD. If you are a business owner and need to make CDs or DVDs to give to your customers or the clients, then the replication and duplication method will help you.


Duplication is a process in which the burning takes place on a blank CD or DVD using automated machines. The artwork or the paper label is printed on the surface of the CD or DVD. It is the same as CD burning or DVD burning.


It means that the disc will be pressed from the glass master and the artwork is printed directly on the surface of the CD or DVD. The information is then pressed and embedded on to the disc. It takes more time because the process is longer.

If you have the time and you need more than 500 copies, then the process of replication is the best choice. If you want less number of copies, then CD duplication is the best option.

The quality of duplication and replication differs. Some people say that the quality of replication is much better, if compared to the quality provided by duplication. There is ongoing debate about the quality of the disc and some even say that the quality is the same.

The different types of DVDs

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

A DVD, also known as ‘Digital Versatile Disc’ or ‘Digital Video Disc’, is an optical disc storage media format. It is mainly used for video and data storage. The dimensions of a CD and DVD are equal, but a DVD stores more than six times as much data as a CD does.

The different types of DVD are categorised on the basis of the way these discs store data. These include:

– DVD-ROM (Read Only Memory): The data can only be read and not written.

– DVD-R and DVD+R: Such DVDs can record data only once and then function as a DVD-ROM.

– DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM: The term RW implies ‘re-writable.’ Such DVDs can both record and erase data multiple times.

The laser light has a red colour as the wavelength used by standard DVD lasers is 650nm.

DVD Video refers to properly formatted and structured video content and DVD Audio discs refer to audio content. Other types of DVDs, including those with video content, are referred to as DVD Data discs.

DVD technology has now taken a step forward with the invention of a Blue Ray Disc.

Blu-ray disc: A blu-ray disc is high definition optical disc storage medium. Such discs make use of a blue-violet coloured laser and hence a shorter wavelength of 405nm.
A blue ray disc stores data six times more than a DVD. The storing capacity is 25GB in case of single layered and 50GB in double layered. These are used for high definition Videos and PlayStation games.

CD and DVD duplication methods and selecting the right company

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

The process of CD duplication and DVD duplication involves making copies of a CD or DVD. It has become very popular in recent times as it is inexpensive and fast. There are many companies that offer you such services and at competitive prices. Many industries use duplication as a way to produce and distribute their products across the world.

The process of CD duplication
The process of duplication involves creating a CD master that has all the data copied onto it. This CD master is then used to create copies of the information onto other discs. This is a very intricate process that is conducted using a duplicating machine. It is advisable that you choose a company that has a lot of experience and knowledge regarding the duplication process. Remember that you should not only choose the company on the price they quote.

Some tips before selecting a duplication company
Your duplication company should also check if you have the copyright for the material they are about to duplicate for you. In this way you can be sure that you are choosing the right company for your CD duplication needs.

DVD-RW and Blu-Ray discs offer backup

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Music, photos, videos, etc can be stored on a CD or DVD. A CD or DVD is, thus a storage device that can be used to store any kind of content – video, audio or written. Pictures taken on a camera can be transferred to a computer and can then be stored on a DVD. Nowadays, DVDs are most commonly used as a backup medium for any kind of data. Such DVDs, once written, cannot be used for further storage of data.

However, a DVD-RW can be used for repetitive data storage. These DVDs can be re-written. A DVD-RW is basically a re-writable DVD where you can store data, remove it and store some new data. A DVD-RW is a good way to save your money if you are buying CDs or DVDs frequently.

With the advent of Blu-Ray discs, DVD technology has reached new heights. Such a disc allows data storage six times greater than a DVD. A video format different from DVD, Blu-Ray discs are used for high definition videos.

However, one should always understand that the maker of a movie, game, or music album possesses the copyright on their work, so it is illegal to copy it and distribute it. We should fight piracy and the illegal duplication of any content.

DVD duplication services for making larger volumes

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Many people do not know about DVD duplication or they deem it to be expensive and time consuming. A DVD or a digital versatile disc can provide you with an excellent choice for carrying your data around and also help you in reproducing this data from time to time in front of clients or even as a means of distributing information, resources and software.

DVD duplication is no different from the act of burning a DVD at your home or office PC using a DVD burner/writer and the relevant software. When you are able to do this at a home or at the office, then why should you bother with a DVD duplication service you might want to ask? The answer is a rather simple one. Imagine what happens when you have close to a hundred CDs or DVDs to burn and not enough manpower, technology or time to do this. DVD burning services provide a great way for individuals, businesses and corporations to have CDs or DVDs burnt at great prices and also ensure that the quality of each DVD is in perfect condition.

Not only this, these services also ensure that DVDs which are required to be burnt with a compatible format are specially copied either individually or keeping in mind the most compatible and user friendly format. DVD duplication is great for your business and also gives you the option of creating copies of data that is valuable to you.

CD duplication services can save you a lot of time

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Sometimes, a DVD or CD is the only means of communication between a company and the client. It is therefore imperative that the quality of the data on the CD or DVD that you give your client is top notch and as true to the original product or data that you have. If the quality of the CD or DVD is bad, then this creates a bad impression of your company.

CD duplication is an answer to such problems

CD duplication is a great option if you are looking for quality CDs or DVDs.

Suppose you are an artist or a software creator or designer who wants to distribute samples of his work to a number of people; then CD duplication can spell more than success for you. CD duplication is essential if you have a large number of copies of the same data to make and send out.

Bear in mind that compromising on money can lead you to compromising on quality, consistency and a professional feel on your finished product. Good DVD/CD duplication services can help ensure that nothing of this sort happens when you approach your clients or audiences with your work.

Opt for professional CD duplication for the best results

Friday, August 21st, 2009

CDs are used for various purposes these days. And sometimes a large number of CDs are required. Since ordering a batch of original CDs is very expensive, other cost effective methods of creating new CDs are used. CD duplication is a method of creating new CDs which is easy and cost effective.

Today, every person who has a personal computer can duplicate a CD using compatible software. While this method of CD duplication is fast and within one’s reach, it is of little use when a large number of CDs are required to be created. The reason behind this is that the software used for such CD duplication is not capable of creating superior quality CDs.

It is therefore wise to use professional CD duplication services when 50-500 copies of CDs are to be made. The companies which provide CD duplication services use the latest machines which are highly automated and require minimal human intervention. Thus, the CDs created by these companies are of superior quality and can be offered within a very short deadline.

While ordering CD duplication, one thing must always be kept in mind. Selection of the master CD must be done with utmost care. Since in CD duplication, the contents of the master CD is copied on to readymade blank CDs, the new CDs shall carry all its properties. Thus, it is important to ensure that the master CD has minimum flaws and is compatible in all systems.

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