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CD duplication and replication- what is the difference

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The title clearly suggests that CD or DVD replication is different from CD or DVD duplication. In CD or DVD duplication, replication is done professionally and duplication can be done at home. CD replication is a different process entirely from duplication. CD duplication uses CD or DVD writers to burn the desired content onto a regular sized disk of 700 MB or so. A CD-R disk which stands for Compact Disk recordable and a CD-RW Compact Disk rewriteable can be used for duplication whereas replication requires the help of a professional.

The Process of CD/DVD replication
To make a replica is to create in one’s own image and likeness. Therefore a CD replica or a CD replication clones the exact copy of the content or the master CD that you have provided. A CD or DVD which is being replicated, will use a glass copy of your content, and stamp it on other CDs or DVDs to produce high quality copies of the original. While copies can be mass produced, there is specific attention paid to the packaging as well as the printing of the final copy of the CD/DVD. These copies produced using replication, are not only a copy of the original content but also give your finished product a highly professional look, especially if you are in the software vending business.

CD burning or CD duplication is easy, and can be done at home easily; however the task becomes an uphill one when you have a large number to copy. In case you happen to need a large number of copies, you will need to consult a CD/DVD replication service.

CD replication as an applied marketing strategy

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

A CD contains about 700 MB of space. It has however revolutionised the way marketers have begun using promoting to their benefits. With the advent of CD replication and the glass master, the demand for CD duplication and replication has sky rocketed.

CD or DVD replication helps you to produce a large number of copies in a short period of time. It is a new method for colleges, hospitals and even a number of other services in various verticals to dispense information about their product or service.

CD replication is a professional sure-fire method of reaching your target audience because:
– It can be given out to a large number of people at conferences or public places with impressive packaging which will interest prospective clients and generate buzz
– CD replication creates a larger number of copies in better quality as compared to other processes, and therefore ensures that the data in the CD stays protected for longer and more people watch it
– CD replication saves one time, effort and energy as there are a number of services which are delivered straight to the client.
– Some CD replication services also offer CD mastering which is a unique feature, which will surely give your product or service an edge.

A small number of CDs that require to be copied are best done in your home. However if there is a large number to be copied, one needs professional assistance as copying the same CD repeatedly can get very cumbersome and that is exactly where CD replication services serve this purpose.

The main reasons for the increased need of CD duplication services

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

When CDs were first introduced to the world, not many took to the replacement of floppy disks and cassettes easily. However, as people gradually learnt the benefits that these devices offer many were more than happy to get rid of their old ways of storing data and listening to music. Today, CDs are one of the most popular ways of storing different kinds of data all over the world.

But storing data on CDs is not a simple process, especially when it calls for a professional job. Of course many know it can be done at home but it takes experts and special equipment to make high quality duplicate copies of a master CD. For this you can only rely on professional CD duplication companies because of the quality of work they provide.

Many may think CD duplication companies are an inappropriate way to make copies of CDs. Contrary to this belief, CD duplication companies are not only the best way to duplicate CDs but are also completely legal. This is why CD duplication companies are a key factor in the success of the entertainment industry. The millions of audio CD copies that are supplied to resellers all over the world are part of the services that CD duplication companies provide.

Entertainment is not the only reason that CD duplication companies are prospering. This service is also used by large companies when they want to provide clients and employees with information regarding the company or its products and services. This business needs have also contributed a great deal to the need for CD duplication services.

Why DVD replication companies are a vital requirement today

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

If you ever used floppies and tapes for storing any kind of data you would obviously be aware of the disadvantages of these data storage mediums. One of the biggest drawbacks of these kinds to storage devices is that they are capable of storing only a small amount of data. In addition to this, they take up a lot of space as well. Luckily, a better means of storing data has been developed with the introduction of DVDs.

DVDs have been around for a number of years now but it was only until recently that more and more people started buying and using them. This is because DVDs can provide a lot more storage space than floppies and tapes. It is because of this that people all over the world can get their own copies of latest movies, games and a whole lot of other data.

How DVDs are supplied to millions worldwide

To provide people all over the world with similar DVDs of the same high quality, entertainment houses look to DVD replication companies. These DVD replication companies use fully automated equipment and the latest technology to replicate DVDs of the highest quality. These high quality DVDs are then shipped to different parts of the world where they then are made available to the public.

Along with providing DVD replication services, these companies also offer DVD packaging so that copied DVDs get a completely professional look. The quality and presentation that can be obtained by DVD replication companies is what makes the services a vital requirement for the entertainment industry.

The popularity of CD duplication and replication is on a rise

Monday, July 27th, 2009

In recent times, CDs and DVDs have become one of the most popular storage means. They are widely used by many people for storing a variety of data such as important files, videos and music. Due to the many advantages of replication techniques, it is used in a number of industries, particularly in the media.

Most often, people get confused about the duplication process. It is a legal process with which numerous copies of CDs are created. CD duplication is usually done with the help of a device called as CD burner or writer. It is a simple process which can even be carried out at home. However, it is always recommended to go for the professional duplication services to get the best results.

CD replication is another similar process as that of duplication. The only difference between replication and duplication is the process that is involved in it. Unlike the CD duplication process, data is not copied in the replication technique. However, a glass master is created using the original copy. Using this glass master, many other CDs are created. CD replication process proves to be very cost effective if you want to create more than 500 discs.

Most music companies use the CD replication process for creating numerous copies of music albums, which are later used for private circulation purposes. Thus, CD duplication is ideal for creating short runs of discs whereas replication is perfect for larger volumes.

DVD/CD duplication is quick and efficient

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

CD/DVD duplication services are in great demand these days due to the numerous advantages that they provide. Duplication and replication services are one of the most effective ways for copying data from one disc to another. Presently, there are many companies that offer CD/DVD duplication and replication services. CD/DVD duplication and replication services enable users to create several copies of their data using one master disc. This data can be anything like music, videos, files and documents.

CD duplication and replication are two different processes that are used for creating several copies of data. Although, the output of both processes is the same, they involve different processes. Both CD duplication and replication have their own advantages. While CD duplication is ideal for creating short runs of discs, replication is best if you want to create huge volumes of discs.

So, if you place bulk orders using replication, it will greatly help to lower the costs. If you are into a business where you require producing music and video products, it is essential to make them available in the market on time. This is where CD/DVD replication and duplication process will actually help you. The CD replication process can provide benefits to both individuals as well as businesses. So, if you want to create numerous copies of your data in an efficient and cost effective manner go ahead and make the most of the CD duplication and replication processes.

DVD replication is a popular service

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

The television is a wonderful media in which to market your business or product. A number of companies are looking for unique ways of marketing so that customers will remember them due to the technique they have used. Many companies that have used DVDs to market their products and services have realised just how beneficial DVDs are when it comes to promoting products.

It is fairly easy for these companies to make produce specific DVDs. All they use is a camera and perhaps someone demonstrating the use of the products. But how do these companies obtain such a large number of DVD copies to distribute to their clients?

With the services that DVD replication companies offer, it is extremely easy to get replicated copies of the original copy. DVD replication is in no way a means of piracy and is a completely legal method for creating numerous copies of a single master DVD. Since these replicated copies are usually sent out to customers, it is necessary that they are of a good quality. For this reason, DVD copies are made from DVD replication companies.

The reason that DVD replication companies are trusted to do this job is because they are capable of editing the video to take off unnecessary or badly recorded footage. Another reason why DVD replication companies are used is because they can provide replicated copies at a faster rate and the quality of copies are extremely good.

Why it is not advisable to duplicate CDs at home

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Give-aways are a popular way of creating and promoting a brand name to ensure it stays in the minds of the public. Companies use them to ensure that the customers remember the brand and identity, the next time they see the company. These are usually free gifts that will be of use to the public. CDs have become a very popular kind of a give-away, especially at concerts and shows or even as a means of promoting a band. But making numerous CDs can be a bit of a problem if you plan on doing it at home.

If you are using CDs as giveaways or as promotional items, it is important that they are of excellent quality. This is because low quality CDs would ruin the image of the company. The most ideal way of getting CD copies is by giving the order to a professional CD duplication company. Doing so will ensure two things that you cannot get by duplicating CDs at home.

Quality- The most important requirement when duplicating CDs is quality. A professional CD duplication company is the only one that can provide high quality CD copies. This is due to the fact that these CD duplication companies are the only ones that have the required equipment and techniques for duplicating CDs.

Speed- If you want to get your CD copies as fast as possible, it is worthwhile hiring the services of a CD duplication company. In addition to these, CD duplication companies also pack the CDs which reduce the amount of work you will have to do.

CD duplication – a CD for every purpose

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

CD and DVD duplication process is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It is now undoubtedly, one of the quickest, safest means for producing numerous copies of your data. In the CD duplication process, many copies are produced using a single master disc. In order to create duplicated CDs, burning process needs to be performed. This is done with a device called as CD burner or writer.

Before burning your selected data to a CD-ROM, you have the option to choose between two differing types of blank CD. By using a blank CD-R, this means that once the data is transferred to the CD, it’s on there permanently, as CD-R’s offer a ‘write once’ function. This protects your data from being overwritten accidently, and prevents any one else changing it.

The other version is a CD-RW, which is a re-writable version of a CD-Rom. This allows the user to re-burn data on the CD, whether it’s music or documents. The general rule of thumb says you can re-burn on a CD-RW up to 1,000 times. To be able to achieve this you must have the correct CD re-writer, and not just a burner.

Once you’ve decided on which type of CD you think you would use the most, you can buy the correct hardware for your computer, then you are up and running – ready to start duplicating CD’s.

DVD duplication – perfect for large data storage

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

DVD is the short form of Digital Versatile Disc and has become a very popular option for storage of data. It is an optical storage device that can be used for storing various media files including movies and music plus differing types of data files which you may use at work for example. A DVD allows you to store your important files safely and carry them easily wherever you go.

The transfer of data from your computer to the disc is easily achieved, and is done with the help of a device called as burner or writer. It is a simple and cost-effective process that enables you to create numerous copies of your data. There are two types of duplication processes – DVD replication and DVD duplication. While, DVD duplication is ideal for producing short runs of disks, DVD replication can be used when you want to create more than 500 copies of your data.

There are different types of blank DVD’s available to burn your data to, which type you use depends on how much data you have. When burning to a DVD5 disc, you create a single layer of data which the laser in your DVD player reads. DVD5 can hold up to 4.7GB worth of data. Should you have more data than this, you have the option to use a DVD10, which allows a second layer of data to be burn to the disc, separated from the first layer of data by a thin transparent film.

Once you’ve decided on which capacity DVD you require, it’s just a simple case of starting the duplication process and you’re on your way to making your data portable.

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