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Few factors to be kept in mind while opting for CD duplication

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

CDs are used by people for various reasons, mainly because they have become the best way to share data in personal, commercial and professional information. As manufacturing original CDs is a very expensive proposition, people use CD duplication services for creating CDs in batches of up to 500 units.

CD duplication services are easily available and orders can also be placed online. CD duplication is a method of copying data from one master CD to numerous readymade blank CDs. CD duplication is thus a very simple and fast process, while also being cost effective if the number of CDs required is less than 500.

A few factors, however, must always be kept in mind while opting for CD duplication. In CD duplication, the data is simply copied from the master disc, so it is important to make sure that the person who is placing the order is the owner or has the copyright of the master CD and its content. Ordering CD duplication without having the required copy right can land up the person in serious legal situations.

In CD duplication the resultant CDs are not unique but mere copies of the master CD, it is important to ensure that the master CD is flawless and compatible with all systems. It is therefore preferable to obtain a very good quality master CD, which is properly checked before duplicating the CD.

Thus, when you avail the advantage of CD duplication services next time keep these factors in mind and obtain good quality duplicated CDs that can be put to professional use as well.

CD duplication and CD replication are not the same

Friday, May 29th, 2009

You have just recorded a music album or created a media presentation and want more copies of it but are not sure if you should have the CD replicated or duplicated? If you are confused in choosing the right process, the following information should be helpful.

CD duplication is a process that is much simpler and is not a manufacturing process. As the names suggests, the process creates copies of the CD that needs to be duplicated.

Perhaps, you may have already duplicated CDs on your computer in the past using a CD burner. The CD-R used in CD duplication has a reflective smooth layer that is laid on a layer of photosensitive dye. This photosensitive dye varies between the various CD manufacturers and that is the reason you see CDs with green, blue or silver recording surfaces in the market.

CD replication is more of a manufacturing process that includes many stages and is conducted in a controlled and clean factory environment. Here, the data from the source is transferred to a high-speed server for checking if any errors are there. The next step involves the creation of a glass master, which is stripped, washed, cleaned, dried and then primer coated and baked before exposing it to the laser. Stampers are then created from the glass master and quality checked before using an injection mould to form a polycarbonate transparent base.

Ideally, for copies of less than 500 CDs, CD duplication is the perfect choice while CD replication is suitable for more than 500 copies.

What makes CD duplication companies popular today?

Friday, May 29th, 2009

In recent years, technology has improved a great deal and most of it is due to the internet. With the numerous services that people can avail of straight from the internet, life has become so much easier than it used to be. You can find just about any service you require via the internet because of the many companies that cater to the needs of people. A service that people never expected to find on the internet but has grown a lot over the last few years is CD duplication services.

CD duplication services is the process of creating duplicate but high quality copies of CDs from one original copy from a professional duplicating company. This is a service that is usually utilized by the music industry as they need to supply music lovers all over the world with their favourite music. But the service of CD duplication is also called upon by many large companies and enterprises.

This is because CDs are looked at as a great way to store data due to their convenience and because they have more storage space than other storage devices. When large companies need to supply clients or even employees with similar data, it is best done by providing CDs which can hold large amounts of information and are easy to use.

CD duplication services provide good quality CDs which are not expensive. One of the best things about these CD duplication services is that they are quick. Due to all these factors, CD duplication has become very popular and there is a steady rise in the demand for CD duplication.

CD duplication only works to your advantage

Friday, May 29th, 2009

CD duplication is gaining popularity at a fast pace. As the process of CD duplication is so simple and convenient, it is being used by people all over the world to make backup copies of their data or just reprint the content of a CD to share it with friends or family.

Most computers today are equipped with CD burners and these burners can copy the content from a CD on to another one. However, when it comes to making a large amount of copies, duplicating the CD at home is not such a good option. One of the best ways to make a large number of copies of your CD is to go to a CD duplicating company. CD duplication is a process utilised by a lot of people who want to make copies of their CD for retail or promotional purposes.

These duplicated CDs retain the quality of the original CD and hence, are excellent quality duplications of the original work. This means that CD duplication can be used by musicians and other artists to make promotional copies of their work which can then be passed around to record companies and fans alike.

CD duplication companies also offer printing and packaging services for your CD. This means that you can almost single-handedly come out with a professional quality CD. Thus, a professional CD duplicating company is a boon for anyone who wants to make a number of copies of their work for retail or promotional purposes.

You can increase your ROI with CDs

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

A little known secret that can help you in achieving higher returns on investments or attract more customer attention to your product or service is multimedia marketing with the help of CDs.

Business owners fully understand and know that half the battle in getting new sales or leads is won when the prospect opens the package and views the product or service’s marketing message. However, many people open their mails over their dustbin and if the marketing campaign is not attractive enough to grab the viewer’s attention, it can be thrown out in the bin.

In a recent study, it was found that using a CD as part of a marketing campaign can increase the response rate of the campaign from the typical 3 percent to about 8 percent. In addition, conversion rates can be increased by about 20 percent and the content recall percentage as compared to a printed brochure is higher by about 40-50 percent. These are amazing figures that can significantly contribute to increasing the profits from the marketing campaign.

Two effective processes of producing copies of your promotional CD are CD duplication and CD replication. If you need 500 or more copies, then CD replication is the most suitable option. However, if you need less than 500 CD copies, then CD duplication is your ideal choice, as it is more cost-effective and suitable for below 500 CDs than CD replication.

The success of your marketing efforts is now possible with the help of either CD duplication or CD replication.

Are you choosing the right DVD replication company?

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

CDs, DVDs and other media storage formats have become an important part of the flourishing digital entertainment industry. CDs and DVDs are found in almost all areas of the digital entertainment industry, which includes movies, music, television, games etc. Although many new formats such as High Definition (HD) DVDs and Blu Ray Discs are available, DVDs and CDs still continue to be the most common and popular media storage formats.

If you are an up and coming musician, an established recording artist or any other person who is involved in the digital media industry, you must certainly be aware of DVD replication.

Many people confuse DVD replication with DVD duplication but the processes are different. Although both processes are used to produce DVD copies, the difference is that DVD replication is a manufacturing process. The process involves the production of original compact discs and involves the creation of a glass master copy from the original master disc.

DVD replication uses large DVD moulding machines where raw materials are used to create basic DVDs. The data on the original master is then put on the DVD from the glass master. The silver look on your DVD is a result of this and is in fact aluminium that is used to reflect the laser when the DVD is played in a player.

You will find many DVD replication companies offering their services online at different prices. Although DVD replication is not all that expensive, it is always best to check the reputation and past work of the company before placing your order.

DVD replication companies – the lifeline of the entertainment industry

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

The technological era that we are currently living in has brought along with it some of the most wonderful devices and inventions that we could have ever had. Most of these have played a big role in making life easier and more pleasurable for us. One such device is the DVD that was introduced to the world in the late 1990s. Today DVDs have replaced all kinds of storage devices like tapes, floppies and CDs.

The fact that DVDs are capable of storing a good deal more – songs, data, videos and even a few movies at one time – has made a huge different to the entertainment industry. However, no one would have been able to get their hands on high quality DVDs if it was not for the services provided by DVD replication companies.

Consumers all over the world wait to get their hands on the latest movies and songs which the entertainment industry has to supply retailers with at an increasingly fast pace. So how do they do it? With the help of DVD replication companies, providing retailers and consumers with original quality DVDs when they need them becomes possible.

DVD replication companies have the best and latest technology and equipment to aid the replication process. This ensures that the copies of DVDs they make are of the best quality. Apart from being a lifeline for the entertainment industry, DVD replication companies are also a big help for regular businesses and their importance is steadily increasing.

CD duplication is a favourite among up and coming artists and small businesses

Monday, May 25th, 2009

CD duplication offers up and coming musicians and small businesses an ideal option for producing low quantities from 10 to 500 CD copies at cost-effective prices. It is very popular owing to its fast delivery time and the high quality sound and volume output.

CD duplication can be used for many different applications and saves you a significant amount of both money and time. Whether you are preparing a report in the form of a disc or promoting your music or a family video album that needs to duplicated and distributed among family members, CD duplication is your ideal solution.

The service of CD duplication is offered by several companies in the UK, but it is important to choose the right company. It is essential for the CD duplication company to use advanced technology and professional expertise to guarantee your CDs are error-free and have excellent sound and video quality. Another important benefit of CD duplication is its quick turnaround time.

CD duplication is done best when only good quality CDs are used for the burning process.

When you place an order for CD duplication, you must provide the company with your master disc, which should be the edited, mastered and final copy of your recording or software CD. As this master disc is used to make duplicate copies, it is important to have it mastered by a professional CD or DVD mastering engineer who has the much needed experience and skills to produce a high quality disc copy.

The importance of CD duplication companies for the music industry

Monday, May 25th, 2009

CDs have become one of the most popular forms of storing data today. These storage devices have replaced all traditional methods of storage for a number of reasons. CDs are compact, more widely available and are also more convenient. Besides, they also hold more data than traditional storage devices like floppies and tapes. This is why they are undoubtedly a vital element in the music industry.

But the music industry relies greatly on another source to provide them with the kind and quality of CDs that make them one of the most successful industries. CD duplication companies provide services that the music and entertainment industry would never be able to do without.

What is CD duplication?
CD duplication from professional duplication companies implies the copying of CDs. The copies are made from the data which is stored on an original CD and is a completely legal process that the music industry is dependent on. Apart from CD duplication, music companies are also reliant on other processes that CD duplication companies offer.

CD duplication companies also provide packaging services that music companies require before the copies can be shipped off to various paces. Packaging CDs is the last step of the duplication process.

CD duplication has many different type of benefits

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

CDs today have become an essential part of our daily lives. There are times when you may need several copies of a single CD for the purpose of distribution or backup. CD duplication is the best solution for such situations. With the help of CD duplication, you can develop a number of copies of the master CD, in a very short time.

CD duplication is a fast and easy process. There are many CD duplication services that take care of your duplication needs, which can be very convenient for you. Being a very simple process, CD duplication is not expensive and hence can be afforded by all.

CD duplication companies work towards giving you good quality duplicated CDs. Duplicated CDs are as good as the original copy. CD duplication companies also undertake the responsibility of the graphics of your duplicated copies, hence giving it a good, professional appearance.

The popularity of the CD duplication process has led to the emergence of a number of CD duplication laws in order to prevent piracy. Therefore, while duplicating your CDs, you need to be very careful so that you do not break these laws, even unknowingly. Reputed CD duplication companies generally keep track of these laws and hence can ensure your safety and the safety of your copies.

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