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How to find the best packaging for your CD or DVD

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

The most important decision after CD or DVD duplication is done would be about the packaging. A package that suits the CD or DVD you have just duplicated speaks a lot about what you might find expect to find inside. Companies therefore, always have ingenious ideas about packaging.

There are a lot of factors that need to be looked at while choosing the correct packaging. If your CD is being used as a marketing tool, it will usually be mailed out to a lot of people. This requires a sturdy package which can withstand going through the post. A jewel case would be perfect for this kind of CD production.

A software CD or DVD is usually packaged in a box. These boxes protect the CD/DVD really well and also give the package a more professional feel. If you need to send a copy of the CD to a record company, a slim case with a printed inlay in the front would be your best option. If the CDs are being handed out at a seminar or a meeting, a clam or a shell case is more than suitable as this would provide adequate protection, while also making the CD fit easily into one’s pocket.

There are also some more bespoke methods of packaging a CD or a DVD if you are looking for ways to make your CD stand out from the crowd.

A few reasons behind the growing demand for CD/DVD duplication services

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

CDs and DVDs have made life much easier for us. Today any information can be stored in the form of data on CDs and DVDs. People can easily make their own music albums and sell their CDs or DVDs or share important information in seminars and educational institutes.

This has been made possible by CD/DVD duplication. The process of CD/DVD duplication is simple and cost effective. If you require less than 500 CDs or DVDs then opting for duplication is the wisest decision.

The company that provides CD and DVD duplication also provides packaging services. The best part about duplication is that once you place your order you do not need to worry about your CDs/DVDs any more.

Thus CD/DVD duplication is an easy way to portray the talents of budding singers and performing artists. It is also beneficial for people who conduct seminars and have to share huge amounts of data. Many companies also opt for CD/DVD duplication services in order to share information with their employees by giving them CDs or DVDs during the induction programme.

Duplication is also gaining popularity because of its fast service. Since the CD duplication process is simple and involves copying the master CD, the service providers can deliver an order of 500 CDs within a day. With so many advantages it is hardly a surprise that CD/DVD duplication is preferred and used by so many people.

CD/DVD replication can prove to be beneficial for many companies

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Technological advances have changed many aspects of life. CD replication is a service which is used by many people and many companies to meet different needs. Many companies have come up which provide CD/DVD replication services.

There are many reasons behind the increasing demand for replication services. The quality of CDs and DVDs that have been replicated are of as good a quality as original CDs/DVDs. Since they are not copied but actually made in this process, the quality of the CDs/DVDs produced is quite superior.

The replication process is complex but fully automated and so it takes very little time to meet demands. This means that you can order more than a thousand CDs or DVDs and get them made within a short time of about one or two days.

CD/DVD replication companies also do the packaging of the CDs/DVDs. Thus they are ready to sell or circulate at very short notice. Replication is used by many companies for providing free gifts to customers and clients. Many publishing companies also opt for replication services to produce large number of CDs that are provided with books free of cost.

The use of CD/DVD replication has resulted in better performance of some companies within a short time and this through making very little investment. You too can use this technology intelligently and enjoy the benefits.

CD replication: make thousands of copies of a CD in no time

Friday, February 27th, 2009

CDs have become one of the most popular forms of storing and selling software, music, games and so forth. Due to their durability, CDs are an excellent and also a cheap method to store important data safely for a long, long time. CD replication, which is the quickest way to make a lot of copies of a CD, has now emerged as a big industry of its own.

CD replication works in a relatively simple way, but uses state of the art equipment during its process. A glass master is essentially the first copy of the content to be put on the CD. This needs to be made in a class 100 clean room (10 times cleaner than an operating theatre), as even microscopic scratches on the glass master can vastly affect the quality of data on the CD.

Once the glass master has been made, a lot of copies of a given CD can be made in a really short space of time. It is also extremely important to get all the licensing paperwork for the data stored on the CD before the replication process.

People in the music industry have found the benefits of making a large number of copies of a CD and then releasing them at the same time. This results in huge profits and higher sales. Moreover, this fast process of CD replication in no way affects the quality of the material on each CD.

The benefits of DVD duplication

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

The term DVD means Digital Versatile disc that are the well known and popular storage device. These DVDs are an optical disc that can store any type of data or file. It also provides the benefit of portability. The term DVD duplication means coping files and data from one disc to various other discs. It includes, extracting the needed information with the help of a digital means from a master source to other blank discs.

The process of DVD duplication is similar to that of burning a DVD which we do on our personal computer. The main difference between DVD duplication and coping of a DVD on a computer is that the duplication company can burn up to hundreds of DVD within a fraction of the time with the help of duplication towers which are linked together. Once the data has been written on the blank DVD-R, this information is checked with the master and only then the process is complete.

However, there are two ways to carry out this duplication procedure. One such process is automatic while the other is manual. The choice of duplication method depends on the number of copies required by the owner. If the user needs less copies the manual method is preferred and if large copies are required than automatic method is used. There are many companies that duplicate DVDs today. The process has become much faster, simpler and is also very cost effective.

CD replication – Process and benefits

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

CD replication has gained immense popularity and is being used by many businesses small and large to meet various purposes. CDs and DVDs are devices which can store any material audio or visual from 700 MB to 4 GB.

The amount of information that can be held by a CD or DVD is so large that it is used not only by film and music companies but also by NGOs and other commercial and educational organisations.

The method of producing original CDs and DVDs is quite expensive but CD replication is a process which is comparatively faster and cheaper. Since the process of CD replication is quite complicated, the set up is quite expensive.

In CD replication, first a glass master disc is manufactured, from which innumerable plastic discs are made through the procedure of injection moulding. In the next phase of CD replication the CD is coated with the reflective layer followed by the protective layer.

The quality of the replicated CDs depends on the glass master and so it has to be continuously checked. While placing an order for CD replication make sure that along with a cheap price a reputed company is chosen as that ensures the superior quality of the resultant CDs.

The process of CD replication although complicated is quite cheap and fast. So if you want to reach out to people or share important information or anything else that can be done by a CD then CD replication is the service that you should select.

DVD replication and its benefits

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Today with the high demand by television networks, movie studios, software developers and other video game designers, the DVD replication industry has grown rapidly. Moreover many advertising departments and various other agencies are also turning towards CD and DVD replication to hand out and distribute their various promotional products, press kits and other sales material.

In order to send information precisely in an innovative manner and to minimise the problem of piracy, there are now quite a number of options available. However, the best in technology today is the HD DVD. The flex DVD is an ultra thin disc that can also be manipulated and bent without the risk of damage. These kinds of DVDs are almost half the size of regular DVDs. In addition, these DVDs are also shatterproof, and resistant to breaking and cracking. Flexible DVDs are quite popular in the market today.

Another important advance in the innovation of DVD duplication is that a DVD can be a two sided disc, one side can contain DVD material and the other side can contain digital audio. These DVDs are also known as hybrid discs. These CDs can also be formatted in a number of ways making it useful for the video and also music industry.

Choose CD duplication when starting a new enterprise

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

CD duplication offers great prospects for people who want to develop their own business with little cash. Usually CD duplication is used for duplicating CDs for personal use. However, the process of CD duplication is economic enough to be used when starting a new enterprise.

If for example you are thinking of starting your own music company, CD duplication can come in very handy. Although the same goal can be achieved by using CD replication, CD duplication is preferable for many reasons.

CD replication is costlier when compared to CD duplication. Moreover, with CD replication services the minimum number of CDs to be ordered is relatively high. So when you are beginning a new enterprise and cannot spend much on the publicity of your product choosing CD duplication is the better option.

CD duplication takes less time and is best suited when ordering CDs which are less than 500 in number.

When you choose CD duplication it is important that you select the company providing CD duplication services after some consideration. Although many companies provide CD duplication services at relatively low prices you must check the reputation of the company before choosing their services.

Finally, it is preferable if you get your CDs packed by the same company which is offering CD duplication services as this will cost you less and make your CDs look as good as originals.

Guidelines for DVD duplication

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Have you ever been in a situation where you have made a DVD full of video, audio or photographic material, which you would want to mass produce? Or make just a few copies to pass it on to friends and family? DVD duplication is the process by which you can get your work done.

Having the right apparatus on your computer is essential for DVD duplication. Duplicating a few DVD’s after going through the manual of the DVD burner is quite achievable.

But what if you have created a movie or a piece of music which you want commercially produced? In this case you would need to take the help of professional DVD duplication companies. These companies are usually quite adept at handling large quantities of duplication work. They usually have a good price plan to fit right into your budget. In case you need some help with the design and marketing of your product, some companies even offer services to encompass all these spheres.

No matter what your need for DVD duplication is, there are many companies on the internet that offer such services. They will help you with all the guidance you need, and in some cases may even help you with services not exactly in their sphere of work.

Why choose CD duplication?

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Maintenance of our data is top priority these days. In order to successfully choose a method for data backup best suited for your needs, one needs to understand the quantity and the frequency with which the data needs to be backed up.

CD duplication is a really effective, inexpensive and long lasting method of data backup. It involves burning large amounts of CDs using specific devices known as CD burners. Being a cheap option, CD duplication is extremely effective in backing up data in small quantities or making any amount of copies of the same kind of data.

CD duplication has an advantage over other forms of storage as it lasts a long time, plus a sample can be made for approval, of which large quantities can then be produced later. Such a format is used widely in the music industry. The price although much cheaper when compared to other mediums, depends upon the quality of services provided by the CD duplication company. Making copies of CDs is extremely popular and can involve inkjet, screen or thermal printing on the label, beside the CD duplication itself. CD duplication companies provide these types of services in different packages.

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