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Duplicate Your CD for Efficient Results

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

A compact disc (CD) is an optical disc that was originally developed for the storage of data. Developments in technology have not only led to the popularity of CDs but have also introduced a variety of other uses for these discs.

CD duplication is one such advantage technology which increased the regular use of CD’s. CD duplication is the method of duplicating data on one CD and copying this data to many other CDs. CD duplication is so easy that it can be done at home; but if you want a large number of duplicated copies it is recommended that you visit a professional CD duplication company, which will not only make your job easier but will also be cost effective.

There are many online CD duplication websites that will do the job for you, without the need of a middle man. CD duplication companies use some of the best quality CD’s, giving you a high quality result; and the quality of the duplicated CD is just as good as the original one.

CD duplication, when done professionally, also includes glass mastering along with print work on your CD to make it sound just like the original. Mass CD duplication is an efficient way of getting good quality CD’s at a much lower price.

Enhance the Audio Quality with CD Mastering

Monday, December 29th, 2008

In days past, cassettes and vinyls etc. were the popular mediums to listen to music. Technology has advanced considerably and many innovative products are now available for use. CD’s and DVD’s are popular audio storage media that have replaced traditional devices like cassettes etc. CD’s can store up to 80 minutes of audio while DVDs can store up to 24 times that. DVD’s and CD’s also provide a better audio quality than traditional devices.

For many people CD/DVD mastering is a mystery. However, anyone with the right knowledge can perform CD mastering himself. CD and DVD mastering is one of the important steps to producing CD’s and DVD’s.

With the help of CD mastering you can add final finishing touches to the songs or tracks before recording it onto a CD or DVD. The process of CD mastering involves several techniques to refine and finish the recording prior to its replication.

It is very important to master CD’s and DVD’s to ensure that the final product has superb picture and sound quality. The process of CD and DVD mastering is usually done by professional engineers. These professionals have completely equipped high tech facilities and a state of the art gear for CD or DVD mastering to ensure you get a quality sound on your album.

Importance of Using Quality CDs When Recording

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

The sound quality of an album created by an upcoming artist is very important. If the songs are played on the radio or other music system it is important that it is clear and has high quality sounds definition. To do this, good CD mastering is needed.

A tape or album that has been mastered professionally makes a good sound into an amazing sound. The CD master engineer does a lot of things to achieve the best sound quality from the tape. They equalise the volume on the different tracks on the album and arrange the tracks so the album has a good progression. They adjust the intros and ends of the tracks and decide the gap period between tracks; and if needed, they add more clarity to the instruments played.

While recording and during the production of an album, it is always important to use a good quality CD. The sound performance of the album depends on the CD used, and an inferior quality CD may result in an inferior sounding album. It is vital that CD’s manufactured by reputed brands are used. It may seem convenient and easy to go to the shops and buy low quality CD’s in bulk at a very low rate, but it’s not worth sacrificing the sound quality of your upcoming recording album. Most mastering companies use CD’s only of reputed brands like Sony. These CD’s help achieve the highest quality sound for your album.

Information about DVD Replication

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

DVDs can store up to 17 gigabytes of data. DVD replication is the method of transferring data from the source onto an optical disc. Do not confuse it with the process of duplication, as they are not the same. Duplication is the process of making an identical copy of an existing DVD.

When the source master is sent to the manufacturing plant it is checked for unreadable sectors. This is extremely important otherwise one could end up with defective and damaged discs.

Pressing discs to transfer data from the master onto the master mould is the first step of the process; in this case it is referred to as a glass master. Pits and grooves are created on the glass master with the help of laser beams.

The grooves that are formed during the glass mastering process are pressed against a nickel layer to create a stamper. The stamper is the mould for the DVD discs. Lastly, to create a disc, polycarbonate materials are molded along with the grooves onto the stampers. DVD’s require two layers of the polycarbonate discs, these discs are eventually bonded with each other.

Let CD Replication Take Your Business Forward

Friday, December 26th, 2008

In today’s competitive world, we would all prefer to have our own independent business. Independent businesses mean a lot of responsibility and minimal amount of help to be relied on. Therefore you should be careful about the people you choose when you do require assistance. Musicians are a perfect example of independent businesses.

Being an independent musician means bringing your work to the public without any financial or promotional help from a music company. This can be quite tough, especially when it comes to making copies of your album. Professional CD replication solves this problem.

Since they not only duplicate your original work onto a large number of CDs, but also cut down costs; this is a very attractive option. Besides this, the replication process is quick and it does not take much time to make your album available in the market.

CD replication uses a special technique where your work is not only burnt on the disc copies, but is imprinted on the CD by a special technique. This gives it the same quality as the original without changing the sound effect.

When choosing a CD replication company, make sure that you ask them for a sample of their work, so that you are sure of their quality. Since your business depends on such companies, check the reputation of the company too.

Once you choose a company that will give you the desired results, you can decide the designing process of your CD, which will also be done by the replication company. Therefore you can get all your work done at a single place, giving your business an added advantage. These companies offer a one stop service for your entire CD replication and mass production.

Record Your Finest Records with CD Mastering

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Many people think that mixing and separating the audio track is the final step of recording. However there is an important method that is unknown to a lot of people and it is known as CD mastering.

If any sort of creative input is needed on the record when it has been recorded then CD mastering is the last chance, therefore it should be done carefully and properly. Once the CD is mastered it can be reproduced and sold.

The process of CD mastering includes quite a lot of steps. The first step is placing the song which is called as a track at this point. After that the volume is leveled for each and every song. The length of the time between the songs can also be adjusted. Any editing that needs to be done in the start and finish of the song can also be performed, eg merging songs together. Songs that are unlisted or secret usually known as hidden tracks can be introduced at this point.

Online CD mastering is also a good option as it saves a lot of time in sending the track to the master engineer through internet. However, you would need a high speed internet connection for such an activity. CD mastering provides the CD with both professional appeal and audibility. Even the studio where CD mastering is executed differs from a normal studio; the equipment used in CD mastering is state-of-the-art and sophisticated.

Sounds Good, Better, Best – Using CD Mastering

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

This is the 21st century. The whole world is dominated with the innovations of technology. In days long past, people used to listen to low quality music that was aired on radio or played on a gramophone or cassette player. All these traditional mediums have been replaced with digital media such as CD’s and DVD’s now.

Cassettes and gramophones have been completely replaced with the use of CD’s and DVD’s. Unlike in these days, music is not the only thing that matters today, but the quality and quantity is also very important. You can store about 80 minutes of music on an audio CD whereas DVD capacity is six times more. Normal DVD’s can store up to 17GB of data. These CD’s and DVD’s provide much higher quality than traditional media.

The music quality can be enhanced to provide an overall excellent music listening experience and CD mastering can just do the trick. CD mastering involves several different procedures like rearranging the tracks, removing background noise and equalizing the volume. CD mastering ensures that your final product has an amazing sound and superb video quality.

The Benefits of DVD Duplication

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

There was a time when we could depend only on professionals for DVD duplication.
DVD duplication can be described as the process by which digital data from one DVD is copied identically to another DVD. Today, with so many changes in technology, DVD duplication has become a household process where even child can carry out the duplication process without any trouble. However, even after so much advancement, people still often prefer professional duplication services.

The difference between duplicating DVD’s at home and getting it done professionally is a big difference in time and quality. DVD duplication at home takes time, especially if you want a large number of duplicated copies. The quality of the final product is also not as good as the original CD. Unlike amateur DVD duplication, professional duplication processes give you a large number of copies within a short period of time. The quality is also very good, making mass duplication of DVD’s better done professionally.

DVD duplication can be done to get copies for about 1000 units. Since most professional companies take over the entire process of duplication, including glass mastering and DVD designing the product becomes more appealing to people. DVD duplication, when done by a professional, is a complete package; the professionals handle every aspect of the process, making it very easy for you.

Your Mix Tape Deserves a Professional Touch

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

The mastering of a CD is an art; editing and refining the selection of tracks of an album before it is launched in the market. It is the final step in improving the album sound; and when duly completed, the CD is printed, reproduced and then finally put on sale.

Against popular belief, mastering of a CD is not only increasing and adjusting the sound volume, to make it easier to hear. CD mastering is a procedure which requires detailed refining by a CD mastering engineer. The mastering engineer adjusts the musical instruments playing on the track and makes the entire track sound harmonious to the listener.

The process of mastering a CD is challenging and requires a trained mastering engineer to produce an amazing sounding album. Compared to a tape mastered at home, a professionally mastered tape sounds good and offers superior clarity. Before launching the sale of the album the entire song and accompanying music are played separately. The songs are then refined and their volume is tweaked, adjustments to their intros and endings and time intervals between songs are done.

Some essential steps in mastering a mix tape include, sequencing the tracks in order, adjusting the song volume, conversion of the album tape to CD and many more.

Many mastering companies offer their services over the internet. They provide a high quality of service and charge very reasonable rates. Having a mix tape mastered by a professional is gaining popularity and gives your album a superior quality of sound.

Steps for CD replication

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

CD replication is a process in which large quantities of CDs are manufactured and produced. When creating and releasing an artist’s music album, recording companies use this process as it is much cheaper than manufacturing new CDs.

Compact discs are a medium for data storage and are widely used for entertainment of official purposes. The process of CD replication is slightly different than CD duplication as it is a process in which the information is already present on the CDs. Simply put, CD replication is copying information from a master disc and making several copies of it.

During this process, a glass master is created that has all the information. Upon completion of the glass master process, layers of polycarbonate plastic is used to protect the information. Once it is screened and quality tested, the CD is packed for distribution.

In this process, an original master disc is mastered and all further copies are replicated from this master disc. The songs, if needed are provided with finishing touches; any adjustments during the mastering process. The original master disc is used to create a glass master and later, stamps are made from the glass master.

The next step is injection molding. This high-tech step is used by the stamps to replicate identical copies of the master disc. Only after the finalisation of a master copy, it is coated with protective lacquer and aluminium to preserve the stored data.

CD replication requires the manufacturers’ permission and authorisation. It is suitable for all large volume orders and offers better quality than CD duplication.

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